Drug Abuse and Alcohol Rehab

Welcome to House of Recovery,  a real life drug addiction recovery program that treats the whole person, inside and out!

Drug abuse does not discriminate. Teen drug abuse has been a rising problem for years. The causes and effects of drug abuse differ from person to person, however there is one thing that remains consistent – NEGATIVE outcomes.

We meet you where you are, whatever substance abuse problem you are struggling with, and we show you how to live sober. Call our alcohol and drug abuse hotline where you can share your symptoms, or if you are suspicious or worried about someone learn the signs of drug abuse. We can even help you locate treatment services in a different areas.

Alcohol rehab? Why are alcoholics different?

Well technically they are not, however alcohol detoxification can be one of the most deadly experiences in recovery. A rehab for alcoholics will have the experience necessary to get you back on the wagon, without hurting yourself.

In patient, and outpatient alcohol rehab services can be very effective depending on the lifestyle, and length of alcohol abuse. Private, residential, long term alcohol rehabs are the most effective, and permanent.

Experienced drug addiction staff :

With over 55 years combined drug addiction experience, House of Recovery has successfully helped thousands of individuals just like you overcome:

  • Alcohol
  • Cocaine (Crack)
  • Meth
  • Marijuana
  • Opiates (Heroin)
  • Methamphetamine
  • Prescription drugs

The symptoms associated with the above addictions vary greatly. Prescription drug addiction is very similar to all of the above, besides alcohol.

Intervention is frequently required dealing with drug addiction. Therapy, extended counseling, and drug addiction support groups help lengthen, and solidify recovery results.

Substance abuse and addiction treatment process

Substance abuse help comes in many forms. Our staff has a deep understanding of the signs and symptoms of substance abuse, some of them have walked in your shoes.

Rehabilitation of substance abuse issues usually come in the form of recovery clinics. Evaluation of your current situation is necessary to understand it’s uniqueness. We then taylor design a rock solid program built for success!

You will have access to a therapist as well as a company of recovery specialists to help you walk through and build the foundation to the rest of your life. Teen substance abuse detox and treatment is also available.

28+ day center for alcohol detox and inpatient rehab

The most effective alcohol abuse centers, provide programs that last more than 28 days. Even where some cases required intervention, they had the greatest success the longer they stayed. We promise to stick it out with you as long as you need. Compassionate professionals at your service!

Most of our clients have other co-occurring disorders. Some don’t realize it until they begin treatment.

Regardless of your situation, we have a highly trained treatment team, who will help you understand your addiction and how to overcome it.

Our success stories are not based on our clients getting clean, but rather based on the ability of our clients to effectively reintegrate into society.

Can you really help me get clean?

We have had so many individuals think the same thing when they first arrive, but after a few days they realize they inside them the ability to accomplish the unthinkable!

Our main goal is to undo what the lifestyle of drug abuse has done.

Most of the time alcohol and drug abuse damages the individual’s ability to function productively in society and destroys relationships.

We help to reeducate our clients and give them the opportunity and environment to once again feel comfortable in society, without the dependency on drugs to overcome the obstacle life brings.

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Rehab Centers are a Crucial Part of Recovery

People use and abuse drugs for many different reasons. House of Recovery Florida drug  rehab center, provides the tools and the support to live a sober lifestyle.

Drug problems come in many forms:

  1. Legal problems
  2. Marital problems
  3. Employment issues
  4. Personal problems 

House of Recovery’s alcohol and drug rehabilitation program effectively addresses any and all issues that might be connected with the root cause of the addictive behavior, not just with the mess it has caused.

Addiction to pills, cocaine, crack, methamphetamine, heroin, downers, uppers, inhalants, and alcohol stands no chance against the rigorous regiment and experienced staff of HOR.

When you come to us,

  1. We treat you like a human being, not a number or an insurance paycheck
  2. We help you uncover the reasons behind your addiction
  3. Help you recover on a spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental level

Our drug treatment program helps mend broken relationships, and will get you started on the path of putting back together the mess of your life. If you are committed.

Most of our clients are successful because they started with a good detox program first. Detoxing will help ease you off the drugs so you can concentrate on your program and the new you.

Detox is a “best choice” road to sobriety and recovery that will enable you to stay healthy long term.

We promise to make this process as painless as possible. Our goal is your success and long term sobriety, where your life is new and you are able to live it more abundantly.

You Can Beat Alcohol and Drug Addiction

House of Recovery alcohol detox center program and rehab is for you no matter where you are from. In fact most of our clients come from out of the state as many know that it’s better to get out of your environment to get sober.


Getting to the point where you are ready to get help can take many years.

Most people find themselves in a long term depression and denial. Most of the time people need to hit a rock bottom place in their life where everything seems to be falling apart and coming loose at the seams, before they turn to substance abuse treatment.

There are many levels and stepping stones that can lead to the final decision.

House of Recovery is the first step towards the rest of your life.

You don’t have to have any experience with 12 step programs like AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) and NA (Narcotics Anonymous) before entering our treatment center. While we have found that they can be a testing place for most people when they realize their life is becoming unmanageable, it is only one of the components of an effective program and plan for overcoming addiction problems.

If you are looking to get help and build your relationship with God our Christian rehabilitation center could be just the answer that will give you the hope to succeed. Building your faith with spiritual coaching and encouragement based on Jesus Christ and the Word of God is sure to help you reach the goals that you set before coming into our program.

The right Recovery House Makes the Difference in Addiction Treatment

House of Recovery in Florida is one of the most relaxing places you can recover in. There are beaches and serene landscapes where you can enjoy fresh air.

Florida is a wonderful place for alcohol and drug treatment. A place to come to get away from the familiar people, places, and things of your addiction. You can get away to a place where no one knows you and get the job done. You can speak freely to counselors and utilize the programming the best because there is an anonymity about the whole process that can be comforting.

In this kind of setting, you can really get to know yourself and speak freely about the experiences that have led to the depression and frustration of life. When you have a mixture of people from all over in one place you can really grow off of each others experiences and learn that you are really no different than the person that lives on the other side of the country. Drug addiction is the same no matter where you go, no matter what drug you have had problems with.

Let House of Recovery help you get sober once and for all, and re-establish the healthy relationships that you had.