Help Someone

drug-rehab-for-someone-you knowHow To Help
Someone You Know


First things first, do not try to do this on your own. It doesn’t matter if you have experience with drug addiction in your own life, or if you have been through it yourself.

Most people who are struggling with addiction will not hear anything their family or friends have to say to them.

Depression and denial are two of the most powerful negative conditions a person can be in. They will resist everything that is rational, and almost always deny access to anyone that tries to break through those walls.

Don’t do it alone. You need help …

You need to get them professional help, and you need the guidance of a professional Florida recovery center on how to do that.

Speak with someone that can relate, and has compassion for your loved one today before it’s too late. Call us.

Aggravating the situation alone can be dangerous

Chances are very good that your loved one will not receive your sincere desire to help them warmly. They may express that they do not believe they can ever change, and even get angry because of their feeling of helplessness.

They may not be ready to admit they have a problem, or allow anyone to help. At this point it may be best to wait for a better day, or try a different approach. This may include an intervention that leads to a Florida alcohol detox.

Things to remember when approaching them:

  1. Remind them how much you love and care for them.
  2. Remind them of a specific occurrence when the drug abuse affected you
  3. Encourage them that you will support them (even take them to get help)
  4. Be a good listener when they respond. Let them finish speaking, and reinforce your willingness to do waht ever they need to help facilitate their recovery

Usually someone addicted to drugs and alcohol probably will not respond favorably the first time, so it’s important to understand that you are laying a foundation that may have a few futile attempts before one day being able to break through. Do not get discouraged but keep trying.

A few things to note when getting assistance:

  1. Good to note what kinds of drugs are being abused
  2. How often and the quantities of drugs being used
  3. Any medical professionals that are being seen already
  4. A religious and social background

You must take care of yourself

It is very difficult and straining to care for someone who is leading a destructive life of alcohol and drug abuse. You can feel hopeless and helpless, and even get depressed as well. You have to be in a good place emotionally, physically, and mentally as it will take it’s toll on you.

It’s best to make sure you are connected with support no matter what form it is in, Al Anon, a friend who has been through what you are going through, a faith based recovery program like House of Recovery, and even professional counselors or physicians. It is a destructive situation no matter which side you are on, so make sure you understand that what you are dealing with will take time, perseverance,  and endurance to make it, but you can definitely do it!