Take the First Step

first-step-to-drug-recoveryTaking The First Step


You already know addiction is a destructive disease.

It has affected your health, your relationship with family and friends, your career, and your finances.

It destroys everything in its path, and it’s victims are caught in an unending cycle of misery.

Call us for support and guidance right now.

House of Recovery Makes It Easy To Take That Step


The only way YOU can escape the despair is to admit you have a problem and seek treatment.

Taking the first step can be a daunting prospect, but it is the only solution to a disease that has the power to end your life.

You SHOULD NOT be frightened of taking that first step.

We encourage you to embrace the challenge as we reinforce the ability lies within you. You can certainly find comfort in the fact there is another chance at a healthy life at House of Recovery Florida drug rehab.

Step #1 Admitting There is a Problem


Once you admit you have a problem with drugs or alcohol, you can begin to heal from the emotional and physical pain from the disease. Meeting the individual needs and an effective detox program in Florida, is critical to starting recovery.

When the shield of denial and guilt about addiction is removed, a world of hope and possibility opens up that did not exist before.

You need to understand there is no shame in asking for help. There is only shame in allowing the addiction to continue to spiral out of control.

Our individualized programs will help turn your life around and show you how to live a “big life” without the haze of drugs and alcohol.

We want to show you that your addiction does not have to define them.

Recovery from an addiction to drugs or alcohol is NEVER easy, and it WILL NOT happen overnight, but if there is a desire to make a change, it will happen with hard work, determination and perseverance.

Addiction damages self-esteem and confidence, that’s why we TEACH YOU how to regain strength and rebuild your life, one step at a time.

Do not shy away from asking for help because of the social stigma that has been attached to addiction.

…. you will respond well to House of Recovery
treatment and medical intervention…


YOU deserve compassion and understanding, not condemnation and isolation. If you are interested in Christian recovery program, we can help you reestablish your faith.

You will thrive in a environment where you can learn along side others interested in a healthy lifestyle.

Addiction is a lonely disease, but our treatment fosters fellowship and empathy, which will help you with your recovery.

The road to recovery from addiction is long, and there will be inevitable challenges along the way.

When you have taken the first step in seeking treatment you have tackled the first hurdle.

We understand the twists and turns of drug and alcohol addiction and recovery, and want to celebrate every addict’s recovery.

The best weapon you have in the fight against addiction is hopehope for the future and hope YOU will be able to make amends with everyone including yourself, and learn what life truly has to offer you without being high.

House of Recovery looks forward to helping you achieve your goals and realize your dreams, one day at a time.