Do You Need Addiction Treatment or Detox?

When deciding on recovery there are two things to consider, do you need addition treatment or detox? Addiction treatment often times not only helps an individual recover from an addiction but it also focuses on creating positive lifestyle changes that the addict can implement and live by after their treatment is complete. Detox or detoxification is the process of ridding ones body of the substance that they want to overcome.

There are some major differences in addiction treatment and detoxification that one needs to consider when choosing the treatment that is right for them. Addiction treatment provides the tools that a person needs for long-term treatment and a successful way to curb the desire for the substance that the addict is trying to overcome. Often times medication and therapy are used in addiction treatment. The medication that is used is implemented to help the addict with cravings and withdraws. The desire for the substance may always be there in some cases, but addiction treatment begins and ends with the goal of the patient being able to learn to live with the temptation.

Addiction treatment recognizes that the patient needs more than a quick deterrence from their addiction, rather it realizes the need for a complete viewpoint change and lifestyle choices that need to be taught and accepted before the addict can truly recover. The idea is that the treatment does not truly end after the program that they take part in, the patient is supposed to learn skills and gather the tools that they will more than likely need once they rejoin their old life filled with old temptation and familiar faces.

Detoxification is often times considered to be the first step of addiction recovery. While addiction treatment may include detox as part of the process, choosing detoxification alone has its own advantages. The addiction is looked upon as a disease and is treated as such. This can include the use of scanning equipment that identifies places in the brain that show signs of addiction.

The procedure of detoxification gradually reduces the intake of the substance that the patient is addicted to. This allows a slow removal of the substance from the users body so that they can eventually be rid of it. In some cases the patient will need to complete this process under medical supervision to ensure that it is as painless and successful as possible. Withdrawing from a substance can be dangerous if done in an improper manner and if done too fast. It is important to understand that detoxification is not always a quick process and to expect a different experience depending upon your addiction. If the addict feels like they need more and more of the substance to achieve the same type of high or feeling that they originally experienced then they are more than likely addicted and could benefit from detoxification.

Making the decision of whichever treatment is right for you is an important thing that truly helps in the recovery process. Often times it is up to the addicted individual to decide which method of recovery will work best for them. The main thing is recognizing that the problem is there and deciding upon a treatment option that will work for you.


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