Gaining Traction After Repeated Relapses – Hhy an Incremental Approach to Recovery Does Not Work

While there are many different approaches to recovery, not all of them are effective and have the desired results. One of these, known as the incremental approach to recovery, simply does not work when you are trying to gain traction after repeated relapses. Think about it, if you have been trying this method and find yourself relapsing each and every attempt that you make or having a very difficult time coping with the stress that this causes, then most likely you should consider other ways of reaching your goals.

The incremental approach to recovery focuses on taking small steps that are meant to contribute to the overall effectiveness of your treatment. While in theory this would sound to be a reasonable and logical way to do things, it is not and does not work for everyone. People end of focusing too much on the specifics of things and lose sight of what is important, and that is the prize of a full recovery from addiction. It is possible that while this method places emphasis on short term goals and creating a more attainable achievement that the person undergoing this routine will either become accustom to this type of lifestyle, as in focusing solely on small goals, or they will become so frustrated that they will revert back to their old habits and become addicted once more.

When recovering it is necessary to never lose sight of the reason you decided to kick your addiction and to focus mainly on that. In certain situations it can help to create short term events in your life to mark significant milestones in your process, but while doing this the absolute goal needs to be kept in sight and more importance should be placed on it. Relapsing and going back to the way that things used to be often times appears to be the easiest and most comfortable thing for anyone who is in the recovery process, but this only makes it harder to go back to your commitment to changing your problems and creating an addiction free life for yourself.

After multiple relapses you may find that it is much difficult, if not seemingly impossible, to make the choice to try and recover again. The idea that if it did not work the first few times that it won’t is one that keeps a lot of people trapped in a repetitive and dismal addicted life. Chances are if you have experienced this then you have been trying an incremental approach to your situation. Perhaps it is time to try something new. Keep your main goal as your focal point during this entire process and you may find that being constantly reminded of what you are working towards is the motivator that you have needed the entire time. An incremental approach to recovery for those who have had problems relapsing simply does not work.


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