10 Ways the Serenity Prayer Can Help You

The Serenity Prayer is used by all sorts of people, from all walks of life, for all sorts of different reasons. From mothers and fathers, to professionals, to those recovering from addiction and using treatment to rehabilitate their lives, the Serenity Prayer is useful for all.

Specifically for those recovering from addiction, the Serenity Prayer can help ground you, make your rehabilitation more realistic, and make treatment more manageable. Here are ten ways it can help you through the process of rehabilitating your life.

For many, recovery from addiction is a spiritual journey. If needed, the prayer serves as a reminder that no one is taking the journey alone, and a higher power is helping the path to treatment and rehabilitation in a significant and meaningful way.

Of course, one of the main themes of the prayer is positivity. There is a great deal of great thoughts within the prayer, and it propels the individual to act better, more positive, and to realize that positivity can lead to a rehabilitated, healthy future.

The Serenity Prayer is a great reminder about the importance of acceptance in the rehabilitation and recovery process. A successful treatment includes the realization that there are things you cannot change, and those who rehabilitate themselves successfully using the Serenity Prayer understand that acceptance is the key to take the first step towards a recovery free of blame.

There is a great deal of fear involved with any big life step, including getting clean from addiction. However, courage is inherent in the Serenity Prayer, and use of the prayer can help during rehab to encourage those seeking treatment. Courage is needed to make changes and lead a great life into sobriety.

Recovery isn’t easy. Taking on addiction won’t be a simple task. But the Serenity Prayer provides comfort and piece of mind to people undergoing treatment and addiction rehabilitation and the support to know that all is possible.

Obviously, wisdom is a key fact to getting clean; those who are wise enough to understand the benefits of being clean are also smart enough to know why they need to take that path. The wisdom in the Serenity Prayer involves splitting the two ideas of what can be controlled, and what can’t – and only focusing on that which can be controlled during treatment.

Stability stems in this case from using the prayer to accept the stability and calm of the current moment. Whether through meditation, prayer, or just the acceptance of what you are doing is correct and the present moment is all you are guaranteed, the Serenity Prayer promotes stability as a to strive towards.

Empowerment is a key theme of the serenity prayer, re-purposing the individual negative thoughts and habits into positive ideas that can be controlled. Empowerment is a key aspect of improving and getting clean, especially in the long run.

Of course, humility is shown in the prayer and in the general recoup and recovery from poor behaviors leading to addiction. The Serenity Prayer promotes a great deal of humility, knowing that only through humility can one change to recovery and a fulfilling life.

Faith regarding the Serenity Prayer involves the idea that people who undergo recovery and rehabilitation place their faith in the fact that it will get better, and regardless of the hard path they take, their recovery will be a success. Faith is taking the first step, even though you may be unsure of the result.

In all, the Serenity Prayer can teach us all a great deal about ourselves, whether it is through any of the above traits, on our road to rehabilitation and recovery.

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