Addiction and Attention Seeking Behavior in Recovery

People enjoy when they are the center of attention. After all, it’s nice to have other individuals interested in you and your work. But for some people, this need for attention can drive them to negative behaviors that are damaging to themselves and those around them. People addicted to substances may resort to attention seeking behavior, almost as a type of coping mechanism, or as a way to manipulate other people around them. Because of that, it is critical that, during recovery, former addicts find more appropriate coping mechanisms than seeking attention.

Even after a former addict has sought treatment, they can still fall prey to addictive personalities and issues related to seeking the need for attention. Thus, during treatment, one of the main goals is to address and overcome this and other character flaws. Addicts will not be able to rehabilitate their attention-seeking habits overnight, but they can overcome when they start to chip away at them, and take the first step to recognize why these behaviors are useless and damaging.

There are several ways to overcome attention-seeking behavior, including the individual stopping his association of self-worth with his evaluations of others, by raising his own level of self-esteem. Other treatments involve working on spending more time thinking about other people and empathizing with their problems, as self-absorption is a main cause of seeking attention in the first place. Empathy and an understanding of other people’s issues and problems is a critical step in recovery and in addiction treatment Florida, as the addict for the first time in his life begins to take other people into account and value the lives of other human beings.

Therapy may also be beneficial to the individual should he not be able to quell attention seeking behavior through more basic forms of rehabilitation. If the addict, for example, still constantly feels the need to be at the center of attention even after rehabilitation, professional therapy may be in order. The psychologist will work diligently to find the root causes of this attention-seeking behavior in the former addict, as well as working to guide him towards more effective mechanisms for coping with attention-seeking behavior. Therapists will also use various techniques to increase empathy within a former addict, so he may better understand his counterparts, peers, and other non-offending human beings.

The battle to lessen attention-seeking behavior in former addicts is hard fought. Luckily, with the right treatment and rehabilitation plan in place, this battle can be won by the former addict through lots of hard work and introspection about their past behaviors, addictions, and coping mechanisms.

Addiction treatment centers in Florida counselors, therapists, and others all play a positive role in working for the benefit of the former addict to ensure that he does not seek attention in an unhealthy way in the future, or resort to other negative and harmful coping mechanisms. By building self-esteem and self-worth, the addict slowly begins to shed these coping mechanisms and start a new life of positive, long-lasting and worthwhile self-image.


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