Is Going Back To Addiction Treatment After Relapse Necessary?

If you have been to rehab before and quit or relapsed then chances are, you feel like you already know all that there is to know about the a drug rehab and what they are going to tell you will be the same. While that may sound logical, it is not, that is simply a way for you to continue to deny yourself the help that you need. So why exactly is it a good thing to return back to a program even if you were not successful in it the first time around?

You need to break from your environment and surround yourself with people who can relate to what you are going through. Family and friends can show sympathy and support for what you are experiencing, but programs and support groups create an environment where everyone around you is either specialized in what they are doing or has gone through a similar experience to what you are having. You are not being around people who have a problem and continue to have that problem, you are being around people who know that they need help and are actively seeking that help just like yourself.

You need support, not just knowledge. Yes, knowing the facts about what is causing your addiction can be helpful, but chances are, you already know what got you here in the first place. What you need now is to be around people who can provide you with honest and truthful advice that will help guide you further along your path to an addiction free life.

Regardless of what we all think, we do not know it all. If you have failed at alcohol rehab centers Florida or completed it and relapsed then that alone should be proof to yourself that you do not know all that there is to know, otherwise you would not be in the situation that you are in now. The main thing that people gain from attending meetings and going through programs is the lifelong tools to continue their growth even once the treatment is complete. It is your responsibility to continue working towards your life goals and without the proper knowledge of what to do, this is an almost impossible task.

You may be able to see where you were lacking the first time or where you could have put in more effort, if you do then you have successfully admitted to yourself that the problem lies with you. This also means that the solution undoubtedly lies with you as well. You may not get it the first time you go through a Christian drug rehab in Florida, maybe not even the second time, but the idea is that you need to go back as many times as it takes. You do not owe your life to an addiction and it is your personal responsibility to commit to making the necessary changes in your life to quit for good. If that means going back again and again, then so be it, do whatever it takes!


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