The Best Relapse Prevention For Beating Addiction

You are sober or free of your addiction, there are days when it is easy being substance free and then there are other days when it is the most difficult thing in the world. This is not uncommon and you should not feel like you are alone in feeling this way. Ultimately, you know that your life is better now that you are not tied to anything in particular and you want to keep it that way, but the difficulty is proving more than you think you can handle. Luckily there are some methods that you can use to beat this emotional state that you are in.

While many people suggest that religion is the way to go, it is hard for many to commit to something so major and often times this is not an option. If you are able and open to trying the new experience of letting religion aid in your journey then by all means, give it a try. However, if this is not the way that you want to go, there are other things that you can try.

Daily Positive Action is a very common and helpful thing to do. This is basically choosing to make positive choices throughout your day and seeing to it that this is done on a daily basis. In effect relapsing will be far from your mind and the good that you are implementing into your lifestyle will better other areas that need help. This is something that anyone can do and it does not have to require a lot of time, it can be anything from making the choice to reminds yourself of what life was like when you were addicted and how great things are now and are going to be.

Aside from religion and Daily Positive Action, there are a few other ways to keep from relapsing. Exercise is a great thing that will lessen your anxiety, keep your focus on fitness goals, and help you get and stay healthier in the process. At first it may seem tough to do this after being addicted to something for so long, but make this your new habit!

Helping others who are going through the same things that you went through is also a great thing to do. Attend meetings and local community gatherings and share your experiences. Do not worry about anyone judging you, more often than not your audience will be proud of your accomplishments and you may even inspire someone else to make the changes necessary to quit. Use the things that you have gone through as life experience, not something to fall back on. Your past with addiction is not one to be proud of, where you are today is what your focus should be on. With that in mind you are more likely to not relapse and fall back into old and bad habits.


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