The Link Between Addiction and Near Death Experiences

For some people, near death experiences can startle them out of addiction and substance abuse patterns and behaviors. These experiences function in that, often, individuals feel as though they are destined to remain addicted to substances forever, until they nearly die or hit rock bottom. Startled, these addicts are awakened to life and the need to give up their addiction in order to live life to the fullest potential and make the most of the second opportunity they’ve been granted.

In a near death experience, many individuals studied in one drug rehabilitation center, feel an out-of-body experience that almost has them looking down on their body and life from above. These out of body experiences can guide the individual to see their life in relative terms, and re-evaluate their goals, habits, and damaging behaviors. Occasionally, these near death experiences are a direct result of substance abuse, and are typically related to alcohol or drug abuse to the point of overdose.

For many addicts, near death experiences have been described as almost being spiritual experiences that can be highly transformative in changing their attitudes towards life. In turn, these experiences can also change the way they look at and approach their addiction, and allow for a new level of clarity in dealing with addiction that has not previously experienced. The benefits, of course, being that many near death experiences help break addicts of their addiction.

The link is not hard and fast, though, as some addicts will double down on their substance abuse habits after a near death experience, emboldened by their survival and anxious about their experience. In turn, they resort to alcohol and drugs to further cope with the stress and anxiety from the experience in the first place. These individuals may, in turn, be especially hard to rehabilitate at treatment afterwards, as their addictions may become stronger over time.

For other addicts, though, near death experiences end up being blessings in disguise; they are awakened from their damaging behaviors, and enlightened to the damage that their addiction has done to their lives. They hold a new outlook on life, embracing compassion and empathy for others, with a deeper spiritual understanding of the meaning for their existence and purpose of their life. These experiences provide them the motivation to walk away from addiction and leave their self-destructive lifestyles behind once and for all with only minimal help from drug addiction treatment programs.

The best thing for an addict who has suffered a near death experience is often the guidance of an expert counselor or addiction therapist in recovery. Rehabilitation is difficult to begin with, but considering variables like near death experiences and their effects on treatment can make the recovery even more challenging, and make the need for a qualified professional that much stronger.


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