The Philosophy Of Living Just For The Day In Alcoholism and Addiction Recovery

Living just for the day is a way of life and recovery treatment that lets you focus on the day and its goals rather than the worrisome problems of the future. Your sobriety should be your main focus and when you allow troubles that are not even here yet to enter your mind, the probability of slipping up and returning to your old ways is much greater.

This is not saying that you should completely forget about the future and avoid any mention of it, you have a bright future and there is a lot to look forward to, but at this point in time you need to bring all of your attention to bettering your immediate lifestyle. There is plenty of time to fix and worry about the future later on. Instead of doing a task and not knowing what the outcome will be, try and prepare for what may happen or have a planned outcome ready. Starting treatment at a Florida drug and alcohol rehab, you do not have to plan everything in your life later on, but right now it is a goo idea to have specific and desired results for the actions that you take to provide stability for your overall recovery.

There are a few ways that living just for the day can be taken advantage of and misused, but in order to benefit from a direct lifestyle like this you will need to set short term goals that can be accomplished each and every day. For instance, you may notice that your health has become a lesser priority since you became addicted, not is the perfect time to change that and make your health a main focus. Plan which days out of the week that you will take the time to exercise, plan the times that you will do it, the exact routine exercises, etc. It’s best to have a written plan for your week and even for each individual day.

You may be thinking that you did not decide to quit drinking or kick your addiction so that you can just live in the here and now, after all everyone wants to plan their life to some extent. Well, you are right, the good news is that you will not have to live just for the day forever. This process will help you build a very strong foundation and allow you to overcome your past while creating a hopeful future. You may find that while you are not planning ahead and spending your time concerned with issues that have yet to arise, you have discovered new interest, met new people, created healthy and positive habits, and become so much closer to permanent sobriety than you previously could have imagined possible. Living just for the day may seem hard at first, but the longer you do it, the more natural it will seem. You have come this far, and using this as another tool to continue on your path is a good choice to make.


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