What is a Pain Killer Addiction?

Here are some important facts you should know about addiction to pain killers:

Chronic pain is a problem of many people around the globe. It can be frustrating for many and not always easy to deal with. Some people find the solution in pain killing drugs, however, after feeling the relief caused by the pain killers, they are unable to stop using them and feel the pain once again. These situations lead to pain killers addiction that should be treated like any substance abuse addiction by detoxification treatment.

The addiction might start from a innocent and seemingly appropriate using of pain killers after a moderate injury, a car accident or a post surgery pain. Many people start using pain killers, even in relatively young ages. However, at some point the addictive components make the users crave for more pain killers both physically and mentally. In cases where they don’t have a chance to use the pain killers, they become obsessive with other activities in order to substitute the need for the medications. It is very important, though, not to stop using the pain killers instantly without medical help. Stopping a physical addiction to a substance might cause severe side effects in the body. For that reason it is strongly advised to find a detox treatment clinic in order to fight the addictive behavior in a place with professional doctors, observation and medication.

Opioids (pain killers) aren’t dangerous by themselves, however just as any drugs the addiction to them may become very destructive for the person using them. Same as with alcohol or drugs, pain killer suppress the body’s natural production of pain killers called “endorphins”. Without the natural pain killers the body becomes completely dependent on the drug or a pain killer, because the body cannot produce these medications by itself. A physical addiction turns into a mental addiction and before the person knows it, he can’t live without them. Yet, regular using of pain killers has many negative effects on the body, such as nausea, drowsiness, vomiting, low blood pressure, constipation, pupil contraction and more. All of these symptoms will intensify if the person doesn’t stop using the pain killers and might lead to a more complicated state of the body.

Some of the additional possible side effects of pain killers might include confusion, hallucinations, hives, delirium, itching, slow heart rate, hypothermia, rapid heart rate, muscle rigidity and more. As you can understand, the side effects possibilities are immense and a pain killer addiction should not be underestimated. However, addiction to pain killers can be treated. There are several treatment options for these kinds of addictions. In the detox centers a patient can become a part of specifically built recovery programs that will help the addict to withdraw all opioids from his/her body while paying attention to any possible withdrawal side effects and by treating them with the right medication.

The longer you postpone drug addiction treatment, the more problematic will be the consequences. You should take action as fast as possible. It is better to lose a week of your normal life and do the rehab process now, rather than neglect the situation and suffer irreversible consequences to your health in the long term. Some health insurance companies cover drug/pain killer rehab programs costs, but if your doesn’t  you can always find some free rehab clinics that will be happy to help you get back on track. You might be afraid at first to start the rehabilitation program, but after you do the first step, you will be thankful for that decision for the rest of your life that will be much healthier after you treat your pain killer addiction.

The modern pain killer treatments are a result of a tremendous experience and research in the field of rehabilitation from alcohol and many types of drugs, including heroin. By starting the treatment you can be sure that you will receive help from qualified medical personnel, effective medication that will minimize your suffering from pain killer withdrawal, and the best support you can get. Act now, while you still have the chance to change your life to the better.


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