Detox – Recovery From an Alcoholic Addiction

When an alcoholic addict needs help in removal of alcohol from his blood system and from his life later on, he needs to undergo the process of detoxification (detox). Most people are unaware of this process and don’t know how exactly it is performed. Even people who seek for a rehabilitation from alcohol usually don’t understand that it is the first stage that they need to go through.

Detox and Rehab Centers

Detox clinics provide the alcohol addicts with a medical help that shall clean their body from the poisonous alcohol in their blood. This process has to be done by professionals only, because some patients might suffer from a “withdrawal syndrome” that causes them to face many unpleasant side effects after the removal of alcohol from their blood. After the detoxification process, the person moves to a rehab center where he is helped to get back to his own life, while understanding the problems that were caused to him by his addiction and trying to recover from them. This is an important stage because it helps the patient get his life back together.

What is Caused by Detox Process?

Detox treatment is a process where all the alcohol is withdrawn from the patient’s body. While being used to a constant presence of alcohol, the body usually reacts violently and may cause depression, insomnia, anxiety, seizures and hallucinations. In order to minimize the risks from these side effects and to make it less painful for the patient, the detox process should be done in a clinic where the patient is observed by professionals that decide according to his side-effect symptoms on the types and the doses of medications that will help preventing the side effects from causing harm to the patient. It is important to undergo the detox procedure in a professional detox center in order to avoid possible complications.


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