The Connection Between Weight Loss and Alcohol Consumption

The common belief amongst most people is that alcohol leads to weight loss and it is good for one’s health.

What is the effect of an alcoholic drink?

Contrary to common beliefs, alcohol fills the human body with extra calories, generates morning fatigue and dehydrates the human body. Additionally, alcohol lowers the speed of body composition and metabolism, negatively effecting the process of weight loss. Therefore, drinking alcoholic beverages is a bad idea for someone who intends to keep on a strict diet and lose some weight.

Alcohol both fills the body with unnecessary calories and lowers the recovery speed of the body from an exercise. One glass of beer contains more than 150 calories, the same amount as can be found in 1 and a half slices of bread.

Moreover, an alcoholic cocktail, such as “Margarita” or “Pine Colada” may contain up to five hundred calories per glass. These amounts of calories can be found in a big Hamburger. Most people wouldn’t eat two big hamburgers in one meal, yet they have no problem drinking two or more cocktails on the same night. It is important to remember that not everything is as calorie-free as it looks.



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