Vitamins For Recovering Alcoholics

Alcoholics who are trying to recover from their addiction often wonder if it would be better to go back to drinking due to the symptoms they suffer through. They can be deficient in vitamins such as vitamin C and the B vitamins. They can have skin irritation, be lethargic, experience depression and have memory loss. This is part of the process of recovering from alcohol addiction. During sessions of drinking they may have experience some of these symptoms but they would have had ore tolerance for them due to the drinking.

Many alcoholics substitute alcohol for food and the calories from drinking are just “empty calories” as they don’t provide any nutrition for the body. The alcohol also makes it difficult for the body to absorb nutrients of the food the alcoholic actually does consume. This leaves an alcoholic deficient in many nutrients.

A person recovering from alcoholism needs nutrients as part of the recovery process. B vitamins such as thiamine or B1, B5 or Pantothenic Acid, and B3 or niacin help to turn sugars in the body to energy. A good source of B1 is pork, nuts and cereal. In fortified cereal, salmon and pork you can find B2. For Pantothenic Acid you need liver, eggs, whole grains, and milk.

B12 and B6 help produce blood cells and keep the nervous system healthy. Drinking for a lot of years depletes these nutrients. By eating meat you can help your body recover bananas peanuts and avocados are a good source of B6. Dairy and eggs are good sources of B12.

To keep the skin healthy you need vitamin C and it’s also important for blood vessels, teeth and the health of your bones. Muscle fatigue, irritability, and weakness can be signs of deficiencies. Orange juice is a good source of vitamin C as well as potatoes, cantaloupe, and broccoli.

For average Americans vitamin B and C supplements aren’t really necessary but for recovering alcoholics these vitamins can help. A medical professional should be consulted to determine the proper supplementation and diet. These nutrients can help with the recovery process and help the individual get their life back.

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