90 Meeting in 90 Days

Many have suggested that newcomers to Alcoholics Anonymous try to attend 90 meetings in 90 days when they first begin the program. While it’s not a requirement, and only a recommendation, it may be a feasible and wise one for those seeking to recover and build adequate habits to improve their lives and get away from alcohol, drugs, and other substance abuse problems.

In the early days of most meetings and groups, it was recommended to go to one meeting per week, and while that worked to build some successful recoveries, the recovery rate and success rates weren’t as high, nor as consistent, as they should have or could have been. So, the challenge of attending 90 meetings in 90 days developed as a way to make solid the habits learned in substance abuse recovery programs, Alcoholics Anonymous courses, and more.

The benefits of the 90 meetings, of course, are numerous though it should be known that not all people will be able to attend all meetings and recoveries are built upon more than just attending meetings. So for some, 90 days with 90 meetings is not a realistic or logistically feasible goal.

But for others, the challenge of attending 90 meetings in 90 days fits in well with their plans and goals, and with what they’d like to achieve in their substance abuse programs. The first benefit of attending a meeting every day for three months is that the first few weeks of substance abuse recovery are particularly difficult, and many of those who relapse see their relapse happen in the first couple weeks clean. Because of that, the meetings provide a daily structure to avoid relapse and build positive habits that will last much longer than the 90 days.

Additionally, total immersion in the program for 90 days ensures that the person makes the program a top priority in their lives, and is committed to truly getting clean and recovering from substance abuse issues. By immersing yourself in alcohol or drug recovery meetings, you can go a long way towards treatment in a relatively short period of time.

Walking away from an addiction typically means leaving a friend behind or leaving old colleagues who are still users behind in your previous life. By attending 90 meetings in 90 days, and keeping this commitment to yourself and your new friends and supporters, you can build a brand new network that can support you when times are hard, and be a positive source of energy and friendship for life.

Attending 90 meetings in 90 days is not the easiest thing to do, either logistically or emotionally. However, it is an important challenge to take on to truly see results in substance abuse recovery, and to prove your willingness to truly get better. That willingness goes a long way to recovering clean, sober, and healthy.



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