Alcohol Poisoning and Intoxication Due to Binge Drinking

Binge drinking considered very popular amongst college students. Research has proven that almost half of all students participate either in binge eating or drinking. The phenomenon is considered a drug abuse and has been the cause of many alcohol poisoning cases and numerous injuries related to alcohol use.

Alcohol intoxication is a situation where one person drinks drastically big amounts of alcohol within a short time span.

Alcohol may produce many types of emotional, behavioral and physical effects on the human brain, because it is considered to be a depressant for the central nervous system; in some cases alcohol poisoning can even lead to death.

Small amounts of alcohol drinking can cause reduced movement, vision and speech speeds. When it comes to bigger amounts of alcohol, balance and reflexes of the person become affected and the person’s brain becomes unable to stabilize the heart rate. At critical amounts of alcohol consumed, the heart rate drops to very low levels and causes extremely low breathing speed and may cause coma or death.

In general, depending on how much alcohol the person drinks in a row and how much food he consumes while drinking, it may take from 45 minutes to 90 minutes before most people reach the highest intoxication levels in their body. Therefore, it is important to monitor friends who pass out after drinking too much.


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