Drug Detox Program for Inpatients & Outpatients

In rehab centers you’ll find 2 kinds of drug detox programs. The two programs are and outpatient detox centers in Florida. The outpatient program might seem more convenient but you want results and not just the convenience factor. In our outpatient program the relapse rate can be high because of a lack of patient structure. When the detox physician is unavailable the patient might be having withdrawal symptoms that can’t be treated.

Advantages of an Inpatient Drug Detox Program

When you have a top rated inpatient drug rehab centers who offers a drug detox program this gives the patient additional services for detox. It’s not recommended to try an outpatient detox program when you can have better inpatient care. The patient can have care 24 hours a day including medical which can help ease withdrawal symptoms. A 24 hour detox staff can provide nursing care when you need it to deal with medical problems that arise from your addiction. Inside the drug rehab you have detox services to help you recover properly. Once you are ready then outpatient services help you deal with your substance abuse or alcohol issues and recover fully.



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