How Effective Are Alcohol Rehab Clinics?

Alcohol addiction can make one’s life miserable and pathetic; moreover, it can also cause a lot of trouble to his closest friends, family and co-workers. Alcohol rehab programs are an important step in a process of recovery from alcohol addiction. Sometimes the addicts start searching for those themselves, while in other cases it is their friends and family who initiate that on their behalf out of concern for their health.

Some of the alcohol addicts try some home programs, while most patients try and search more professional help inside rehab clinics. There are numerous types of drug rehabilitation programs for alcohol addicts, including the 12-step program, community rehab programs and some religious kinds of programs. All these are present in the US, while the UK’s most popular rehab program is defiantly the 12-step program.

Effective treatments for alcohol addicts

The twelve-step program for alcohol addicts originates in USA and it was created by the “Alcoholics Anonymous”. The first step of this rehabilitation program is admitting their addiction and finding in themselves the will to believe in a Higher Power, either God or some other kind of power that they think has some influence on them. Even though the 12-step program is not the most effective program, considering the opinion of many critics, it is still amongst the most popular alcoholic rehab programs. It is suitable not only for religious people of different faiths, but it is also effective for people who don’t believe in God at all.

All alcohol rehab programs and centers have the same goal. Usually they try to reeducate the patient about alcohol in order to stop him from using it, while understanding its harm. At the same time the programs usually try to provide the patient with some psychological help and support that he or she need in order to cope with their problems and addiction. Most rehabilitation programs range from one to nine months. There are also home treatment programs available, and some people prefer them to clinical rehab programs; these programs have proven working better for some patients, however most patients still need the group therapy and all the medical attention they can get.


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