Be Sure That You Do Not Relapse On Drugs Or Alcohol

Being sure that you do not relapse after a successful recovery from addiction can depend greatly upon a few major factors in your life. The amount of support that you have is the main one. If you have the support of your friends and family then things will be much easier in terms of staying on track, even the help of one other person is a big deal. The support that you have from recovery programs is also a vital contributor to success. You will need to continue taking the action necessary to stay sober and away from addiction and groups and meetings are important parts of this.

Do you have a sponsor or someone that can be brutally honest with you? If you have someone that you can talk to without any fear of judgment then they will be able to help you stay on the right path while giving good lifelong advice and tips. A therapist can also fit into this category, as long as it is someone who will be truthful with you no matter what. You do not need someone to talk to that will lead you back to your addiction or tell you that things are ok when they are not, that will only make things worse for you.

How long have you been sober? The longer that you are sober, the more likely it is that you will stay that way. Put as much distance between you and your addiction that you can by making it your personal goal each and every day to be free of your addiction. Celebrate the small accomplishments and make sure that when things get hard you have your accomplishments to console you.

How committed to this are you? If you find yourself second-guessing your choices on a daily basis then chances are you are having thoughts of relapsing. Do not let this hold you back. Everyone experiences these hardships when recovering; just do not let them be anything more than passing thoughts. Fill yourself with images of your future and the great things that being free of addiction will bring. After all, it is your life, why should you let an addiction control your every thought?

Your personal environment and the people and things that surround you can greatly affect things. While it may sound like basic common sense that you should not have the substance that you were addicted to in the vicinity because you will be that much more tempted to fall back into old habits, it is often times something that is either seemingly too basic of a thing to do or something that is out of your control. If you have not thought of removing alcohol from your environment and choosing to surround yourself with a group of people who do not drink, then this is your wake up call. If you live with someone who drinks and is not willing to go without alcohol then things may prove to be a little more complicated because having it near is out of your hands, but you still can make the decision to not drink when faced with temptation. The main thing that you can do to keep from relapsing is to implement new and better changes into your life and removing old temptation where possible.


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