How to Actually Stop Using Drugs and Alcohol When You Are Hooked on Them

It always starts with one beer or the experience of trying a substance just once, but often times it leads to a much greater problem that in most cases can be difficult to rid yourself of. First of all, if you are convinced that you do not have a problem then you are going to have a difficult time with recovery. Admit it, those who are addicted almost always know that they have a problem but are too ashamed or proud to own up to it, if you truly want to stop using drugs and alcohol once you are hooked then you will need to begin by admitting to yourself that there is a problem and it needs to be fixed.

The best place to start when you have decided to stop the destructiveness is the emergency room. You will need to see a trained medical physician or doctor and tell them about your issues with alcohol or substance abuse. Depending on the severity of the situation you may need a detox or detoxification. This will rid your body of any of the harmful things that you want to stop using and from here you will need to make personal decisions and lifestyle changes to stay stopped.

Deciding that you want to make a change is one thing, but actually making that change and sticking to it is another in itself. Once you are free of your addiction you will need to make serious decisions about your life and determine how they will affect your future. These do not have to be major things, but if you were addicted to alcohol then the next time you have the opportunity to drink, simply decide not to pick up the first drink. People that have trouble staying free of their addictions usually think that having just one drink or trying a substance just one more time will be OK  now they can control themselves, right? Wrong, it was that one drink and that one time trying that got them in the situation in the first place.

Finally, you will need to look into meeting with a support group or talking with someone about the issues that arise in regards to your addiction. You are not alone, and feeling alone makes recovery that much more difficult. Understand that other people have faced the same thing and have either overcome it or are currently trying to overcome it. They can be your support and sometimes you may find that you can be theirs. Let others be an inspiration for you and seek to become an inspiration for them.

If you can fully commit to admitting that you have a problem, seeking medical help if necessary, avoiding any type of confrontation or return to your old habits, and talking to someone about what you are going through, then you will be able to stop even if you are hooked. It took the decision to allow yourself to take that first drink or use that one time, now it is going to take a more powerful decision and dedication from you to quit, only you can make the changes necessary to live an addiction free life.

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