How Many Alcoholics Stay Sober?

The question of how many people actually stay sober after quitting drinking is a very common one among people seeking more information on getting help and those who question if they are capable. There is not a single answer for this question though because there is a large majority of people who are never officially recorded as seeking help or have gotten help. Therefore there are many who would not be included in any statistics available.

Around ten percent of adults have problems with one for or another of addiction that means that ninety percent of people do not claim to have any addictions. While those numbers may sound promising, in all truth they are not. Think about it this way, one in every ten people that you know, based on statistical data, have an addiction that they need help with. Now, the even more drastic data would suggest that only thirteen percent of those people would ever seek help for it. That means there are many people, perhaps in your own life, who battle an addiction of some sort but will never admit to it and continue suffering the consequences.

Even those who go through rehabilitation treatment have a hard time staying sober. In fact only one in five are successful at the ninety-day mark. That is only twenty percent of people who leave rehab programs. Relapse plays a major role in these numbers. This shows that the focus of those who complete any kind of program should be sure to stay on track afterwards. You can do this is many different ways, just be sure to find the one that works best for you. This will ensure a higher rate of success.

Most everyone at House of Recovery has heard of AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) at one point in their lives or another. You would think that their data would show improvement over other methods of treatment, however it does not. They report that seventy-five percent of members drop out of the program within the first month, and an even larger number of ninety-five percent leave within the first year and never come back. One might ask how this could be when it is such a well known and successful organization, keep in mind though, there are a lot of people who suffer from alcoholism and you are not alone, these numbers prove it!

To sum things up, the most reasonable answer to give when asked how many people actually stay sober is five percent. Yes, only about five percent. That is an undeniably low number considering all of the data and statistics. It is a tough journey to sobriety but it is one that is well worth it. You have the willpower to be a member of that five percent of people who are successful.


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