How to Sober Even When You Do Not Want to Stop Drinking

Is it possible to quit drinking even when you have no desire to? The answer is yes and no. It is always possible to quit an addiction, but if there is no willingness to stop then things will be much more complicated.

Alcoholic or not, nobody wants to quit doing something that they think is enjoyable and something that they need in order to function. Even for the people who successfully quit, there will always be a small part of them that remembers and wants the alcohol. Deep down that temptation will always be there.

It mainly comes down to self-realization and the will power to make a change. Many people do not want to quit drinking. They think it is a social thing, it’s fun, it helps them function and have a better time, whatever the reason there will always be an excuse of some sort. You may not think that you need to quit, or if you know that you need to perhaps you are stubborn and do not really want to. Well, it all begins with looking at your life the way that it currently is, the continuous and repetitive lifestyle of drinking, and deciding that there is more to be had and you want to make the changes necessary to create an addiction free life for yourself.

Take a step back from things; are they going good now that you are drinking? Know that they will not be perfect once you quit either, but you will be more able to take positive action and better the things that need improvement. Truly decide that something has to change, chances are if you honestly examine your life the way that it is then you will see that something is very wrong.

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Take action now, the longer you wait the harder it will be to quit. Continuing to drink and trick yourself into thinking that what you are doing is ok is not helping anyone, especially you. Most often the action that needs to be taken is asking for help. It is always harder to do anything alone and quitting is something that is much easier and effective when you have some form of support.

Once you have analyzed your life and saw that there is a major problem and that the problem is your alcoholism then you have the most powerful tool to quitting. You know what is wrong and now all that there is to do is quit for good. Keep in mind the reason that you are making this change, you want things to get better and quitting is obviously a positive choice to make. Lastly, you know what to do, just be sure to get someone or a group of people to help you through it. This will ensure that you meet your goals and are able to continue implementing the positive changes in your life. Follow through with all of this and you will discover that even though the temptation may always still be there, you wanted to quit and you did it.


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