Disabilities as a Result of High Depression

According to the World’s Health Organization, Depression is proven to be the highest factor that causes disabilities in the world. There is only one type of treatment that has been approved as being able to handle these kinds of depression and it is the vagus nerve stimulation option.

Substance Usage and Depression

Throughout many ages, depression has been proved as the most destructive mental disorder. Not only does it effects individuals people, families and the entire society, but it also lowers the productivity of those people affected by it. In the annual psychological association meeting some very interesting research results have been published. According to the findings of Dr. Sobell, there is a strong correlation between substance using and the chance to succumb into depressive mental condition.

Almost half of all substance users that were in the study had mood disorders in the following year. Additionally, more than one third of people who used drugs, have experienced anxiety and alcohol disorders. It is apparent from the data that the use of different substances, such as alcohol and drugs substantially elevate the chance for depression, as well as enhance the chances for other health problems such as asthma and heart diseases.

Other research, Made by Kate B. Carey has proven that people who are diagnosed with depression and who also use substances, often have some specific health situation that elevate when those two factors combine.

If you have a long term major depression and you weren’t able to cure it yet with at least 4 kinds of antidepressants, then you should try the vagus nerve stimulation, after consulting with your doctor about the precautions.


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