10 Things to Know Before Choosing a Drug Rehab

Most people usually have problems when it comes to choosing the drug rehab that is right for them. They don’t know what each rehab should do and which one is more professional than the others. Some rehabs might do more damage than healing for the patient, therefore it is extremely important to choose the rehab facility carefully. Here are 10 things you might want to keep in mind while trying to find the best drug or alcohol rehab facility that will suit your needs.

1. Does the rehab program suit your personal needs?

It is important to find out what exactly the center offers and whether it suits your unique needs. What are the age requirements of the facility, does it offer a detox center, does it fit your age, gender and social status? All these factors should be the center of your attention when looking at different kinds of rehab facilities.

2. Does the rehab center has the right accreditation?
In the field of treatment exist two major accreditation organizations that are called “the Joint Commission on Accredited Health Organizations” and “Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities”. These two are professional organizations that decide whether a specific rehab center is up to the national standards and whether it has all the necessary documents for providing health services. If a rehab clinic is accredited by one or both of these organizations, it is always a good sign.

3. Does the staff has good credentials?
Generally speaking, you should be looking for counselors and medical personnel with high credentials and level of studies. Professional with at least a master’s degree would be a good choice for people who will be performing treatment on you.

4. What is their main philosophy and understanding of treating addiction problems?

There are many different ways to treat a drug or an alcohol addiction. Each center will probably choose one main approach towards the issue and build its program around it. It is important to ask the representatives what their beliefs are and how they think the process of recovery and rehabilitation should be performed.

5. Is there a well built curriculum of activities for the patients?
It is very important to ask the representatives of the clinic about their weekly schedules of activities for their patients. In a good rehab center there should be plenty different kinds of activities, including group therapies, personal training and reeducating support groups.

6. You should check the success percentage for recovery among the patients of the clinic.

This question should be understood deeply and not statistically. The success numbers that the center will provide you with might be inaccurate, because the success chances of recovery can be measured in plenty different ways. Therefore, it is important to hear what they have to say about how they think a successful recovery should be done. You should pay attention whether they actually want to help people and monitor their progress or just build up the statistical numbers.

7. What is the actual cost for a patient to start their recovery process in the center?
Money is an important factor in every aspect of life, therefore, before applying to a rehab facility, you should ask them about the cost of every part of the recovery and the treatment process. You should also ask whether they can provide you with a discount or is there an option to use additional services for a discounted cost at the facility or an external center recommend by the clinic.

8. Check if you can pay for the treatment with your health insurance money.
Usually insurance companies don’t tend to cover their clients’ drug or alcohol addiction rehabs. For that reason it is important to ask every rehab center whether there is an option to ask your insurance company to make an exception and cover the costs of your treatment. Sometimes, if the patient has financial problems, the rehab facility may be able to convince the insurance company to pay for the treatment.

9. Make sure to know how much time will the treatment take.
In the past the standard recovery process took 28 days. However, today the rehab clinics tend to make much more personal and specific recovery programs that match the exact needs of their every patient. Some programs might take only four weeks, while other time spans might be as long as eight weeks; the actual recovery period depends greatly on the recovery technique in the clinic, as well as personal needs of each client.

10. The addiction treatments are usually a long steady process of recovery that continues after the basic treatment is over. What are the clinic’s options for aftercare?

The first several months or even years after the end of the addiction treatment are crucial for insuring the well being of the patient in the long term. In order not to collapse back to addiction, the patient should receive a lot of guiding, friends and family support and more. One of the responsibilities of any rehab clinic is to ensure the patient’s aftercare. That’s why you should ask the representatives of the center what are their options for the long term aftercare process.
Hopefully those ten questions will be efficient for you in choosing the right rehab clinic after careful research and consideration. When it comes to the issues of health, you should always make sure to get the best possible option.


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