Cheapest Health Plans

In the recent years the health insurance plans have become extremely expensive, especially for bigger families. With that said, small and medium size organization no longer provide their workers with any effective plans of health insurance. Today in most cases you should pay a substantial part of your health insurance yourself, and receive very little help from your employee, if at all. Many employees have even reduced the number of their full-time workers in order to save money on health insurance coverage.

If you are unlucky enough to work at one of those companies that don’t pay health insurance at all, then you have two options: buy an expensive health insurance all by yourself, or live with no health insurance at all. The middle income families get caught in an unpleasant situation. They earn more money than it is allowed in order to receive Medicaid help or apply to any other government programs for free insurance, and yet they don’t have enough money to spend on high health insurance without taking a big toll on their level of living. Even if the person can actually afford to pay for the health insurance, in some cases the insurance company can deny to cover his or her health expenses if he or she suffers from high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, asthma, heart disease or some other conditions. In several cases insurance companies have even denied to cover the costs of excess weight treatments and drug prescriptions. It looks like it is not in the best interest of major insurance companies to provide their clients with effective and cheap insurances, which leaves people often without any health insurance benefits.

Discount Health Programs

Luckily for some families, there are always discount health plans available. Those plans can effectively help them to save money on their health care. However, what are those discounted health care plans and how can they be achieved?
There are several types of discount health plans. The first one is perfect for people or families that need some dental health insurance or beauty related medicine insurance. The discounts provided in these programs apply to all dental services, as well as cosmetic dentistry and surgery, orthodontia, dental implants, Lasik eye surgery and even some instances of alternative medicine. These discount programs usually have no limits on their patients’ age, conditions or any other personal traits and they don’t make people wait for appliance.

There are also suitable discount plans for business companies, such as a high deductible health savings account or plan for hospitalization. There are several options in this plan that work simultaneously. It saves the companies some money both in the short run (by providing savings in routine health situations) and in the long run (by providing discounts for serious situations with prolonged periods of worker hospitalizations). With this kind of combination the businesses can be sure that they have all possible health issues covered and their employees can enjoy some very nice and cheap health benefits from their companies.

The discount dental plans look to be the most popular out of all the discount health programs. It is a statistically proven fact that most Americans don’t have a dental plan at all. The ones who do have such a plan, usually don’t use it for its maximum potential. Many of the regular dental plans are very ineffective, because they don’t provide a long-term treatment, have long waiting periods, and sometimes even don’t have the important procedures such as orthodontic treatments. Also, most of those plans don’t cover the cosmetic dentistry and implant procedures.

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The discount dental plans are a perfect opportunity to save money over the dental care. They are much cheaper than the regular expensive dental insurance plans. You can save from 25% on specialist treatments and up to 80% for exams. The majority of dental procedures, including root canals, dentures, fillings, crowns and bridges, as well as orthodontic treatment come with a 50 to 60 percent discounts, saving the families half the money they used to spend on dental procedures. In many cases these discount plans offer additional services, such as discounts on eyeglasses and contact lenses, prescription cards, free visits for people with pre-existing illnesses, as well as other attractive discounts and services.

Some of the health programs also include a basic health plan that can save money on physician visits and medical examinations. The programs can provide significant discounts on such services as diabetic supplies, laboratory tests, mental health services, imaging studies and in some cases also wellness programs and 24/7 support nurse lines. In cases of the patient’s hospitalization, the program will assign a personal lawyer to negotiate a bill that will fit the patient’s ability to pay.

One of the companies that is called AmeriPlan has even made an advocacy prescription program that assists the patient through different means of contacting pharmaceutical companies. Clients who spend more than ninety dollars on medical prescriptions and are in a specific income range can receive from the program all their regular medications for a cost of a minor monthly service fee to the company. We know that can help you get clean through a range of avenues.

Some of those companies provide a combined discount for both medical and dental services that includes dental, vision, prescription, ancillary and other services, as well as lab test and physician visits discounts.


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