Conquering Boredom in Recovery

Being an active addict has numerous time consuming aspects. It seems that all you do throughout the day is either wishing you had drugs or thinking about finding drugs, using them, or recovering from them. Considering the huge amounts of time spent in relation of drugs while being in an active drug and alcohol addiction, one of the hardest challenges for a recovering addict is to fill up all the time that they used to spend on drug related activities and thoughts.

One of the goals of recovery is to understand who you really are while keeping yourself clean and sober. Part of self-discovery is trying out new things and hobbies. Make a list of brand new things that you always wanted to try, places that you always wanted to visit. Boredom in recovery process can be diminished by learning more about the things you like and your inner world.

One of the effective methods in fighting boredom is setting before yourself some new goals. Now, when you are sober and clean, what do you want to achieve? Maybe you want to participate in a community college class, or go back to school in order to study for a degree. Perhaps you want to become a better parent and dedicate more time to your children. Your goal can be a simple one, such as becoming healthy by exercising, eating healthy food and getting a good sleep. It doesn’t matter what your goal is, as long as you are focusing on the things you want, because they can give you motivation and fight your boredom as well.

Conquering your boredom by enhancing your body and mind are very important in the recovery process, however, understanding and improving your spiritual world is just as important. If you are already aware of your own spiritual concept, you can spend more of your time strengthening that awareness and feeling more at peace with yourself. If religion was never your idea of higher power, perhaps you should try understanding what is considered to be the higher power for you. A big gift of the recovery process is finding a power that is greater than you and taking the time to develop it.

Additional way of fighting boredom while in alcohol addiction recovery is to take time and give back to others. You should make a list of all the things that make your grateful. That will not only create a positive approach towards your life, but it can also inspire you to volunteering and spending some of your time to help others; even saying “thank you” to those who supported you can be a very satisfying and helpful activity.

Even though it is alright to feel bored in the early stages of recovery, it is important to learn how to deal with boredom in order to channel your energy into something good and avoid the return of boredom. Overcoming boredom during your recovery can both change your own life to the better and positively help the people around you.


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