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Meth Addiction Rehab

A drug addiction of any sort might have horrible side effects, although using methamphetamine can be particularly painful. Meth is considered a strong stimulant that can greatly affect the central nervous system. Right after using the drug, people usually feel a flow of energy, pleasure and increased alertness. Moreover, the euphoria that occurs because of a dopamine surge is the main reason to use the drug. However, after a repeated use the dopamine brain receptors eventually get destroyed, making it impossible for the user to feel any more pleasure, even without the drug. From that moment the sense of euphoria of the users changes to a combination of anxiety, paranoia and aggression. The most devastating results of meth injection are psychosis, delusion, hallucinations and even death.

Some people, especially women start taking the methamphetamines to suppress their appetite. Even though very thin people are valued in today’s social circles, chronic meth users are far from being attractive in any way. The effects of meth are blood vessel shrinking through the whole body and a damage to all internal organs, especially teeth and skin. Acne and sores aren’t a rare sight to be seen on a meth addict’s skin. Ulcers and abscesses can happen from a constant touching of the skin because of a sensation of bugs crawling under the skin. Even after few months of meth usage the addict’s teeth start rotting, breaking and falling out; this process is called “meth mouth”.

Getting Help from Meth Addiction Rehab

Methamphetamine is considered to be amongst the most addictive drugs and one of the toughest to recover from. It’s presence in the body is longer than of most drugs, so the recovery of heavy users can take a whole year or more.

However, help can be found in Meth addiction rehab centers. In order to help with detox, Medical professional often use other forms of amphetamine such as dextroamphetamine, same as methadone is used in the heroin addicts treatment. to find an drug treatment centers in Florida that specializes in meth detox. You better do it quickly, before meth completely destroys your life.


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