Critical Decision Making for Alcohol or Drug Addicts in Rehab Programs

There are numerous drug or alcohol rehabs around the United States. Each and every rehab center is unique in its own way and offers a various range of techniques and resolutions for an addict that wants to recover from his or her addiction. However, not all the centers are equally good and well organized. Therefore, it is important to do a substantial research before choosing a rehab center. However, don’t be afraid if you can’t find the right one immediately. It is better to keep looking until you find the one that’s right for you and your health.

While searching for drug or alcohol rehabilitation programs, you should consider these ten questions:

1. What is considered to be a successful program for the center and what is the actual percent of successful recoveries in the program?
Some of the drug or alcohol rehab programs use independent research professionals in order to state how big is their success rate. However, it is important to pay attention to the periods of time that are mentioned in the reviews. For example, one rehab center might have a high success rate, but the success rate might be related to a short term monitoring of the patients after recovery, while another rehab center might look less impressing, but its statistics might relate to a much longer monitoring period, thus making the success rate more effective.

2. Are the programs recognized by official organizations and if yes then by which ones?
There are several well-known government organizations that provide accreditation for rehab facilities. If a facility was rated by one of these official organizations, it is a sign of good quality and accordance to national standards of the rehabilitation facility.

3. What is the expertise level of the staff inside the facilities?
There are several types of accreditation that medical staff can receive. It is important to check how professional the staff is and what is the degree of their knowledge in the drug and alcohol addiction subject. If you give your health and life into the hands of doctors and counselors, it is important to make sure they are qualified for the job.

4. Does the center provide a medical drug withdrawal?
In order to provide a good service, the drug rehab center should provide an effective detox facility in order to provide the patient with the safest way of removing the drugs from the body. If the center doesn’t have such a facility, it should at least have an external facility that it can recommend.

5. What is included in the typical weekly schedule of the rehab center?
A good rehabilitation center should be able to provide a balanced program that contains both individual and group therapies, educational sessions, support groups and other opportunities of reflection.

6. Are there any testimonials that can vouch for the program?
There should be some actual evidence for the efficiency of the center. It is important to double-check the sources of these testimonials and check how insightful and honest they are.

7. Does the facility help the patients with their aftercare recovery?
It is important to provide a long-term support and monitoring for any post-addiction patients. Therefore, a good rehab facility will always offer some kind of help with a long-term aftercare recovery.

8. Is there a good variety of advisers in the center and how well does each program match each patient?
It is important to see right ahead whether the center provides a standard procedure for all its patients or does it offer a unique, understanding relationship between the patient and his counselors. A unique treatment is very important for patients who need support more than anything.

9. What are the building blocks of the rehab center’s philosophy?
It is important to ask the center representatives for their view on the recovery process and whether they stand up for their words and how do they intend to cure the patient.

10. Do they accept an insurance coverage from your insurance company?
It is important to ask whether the center accepts payments that will be covered by the insurance company of the patient, thus saving him some money. If not, you should ask them exactly what is the price of the rehab program and what are the payment options and details for it.

Build up a list of criteria that interest you the most and use the same questions in order to see which one of the rehab centers fits your needs the most.


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