How Are Innovative Drug Rehab or Treatment Centers Different?

Success rates are not near as high as they should be. Normal drug rehab and treatment centers are doing their best to help everyone that they can, but the more innovative and experimental of these are starting to see that there are other ways to help people recover than the traditional methods.

The traditional treatment centers usually focus on some of the same things, such as pushing twelve step meetings as the primary solution to recovery, using group therapy, working one on one with their clients involving a therapist or councilor, and finally recommending aftercare which means more outpatient or twelve step based treatment. While this works for some people, it is a bit cookie-cutter to generalize that it will work for everyone with a problem that needs help.

Now, let us discuss the more innovative of these treatment programs. While many of these are not very well known, they do exist and can prove to be effective ways of recovery. One of these is called “adventure therapy”. This involves the patient first going through a detoxification so that they will not experience any major withdraw symptoms. Then they are taken out into the wilderness, usually with a group of other people in the same program, and the focus is on basic survival rather than the addiction itself. This takes the worries and problems associated with the constant reminder of what you want to overcome and it turns that focus onto survival instead. Alcohol rehabilitation Florida is a great way to begin the path of self-rediscovery while advancing further towards an addiction free life.

Some people also really like the cost effectiveness of treatments such as that one. For instance, the cost of paying your instructor, buying the camping and survival supplies, is much greater compared to that of paying for a treatment program. There is also the element of retention. In most programs patients find the urge to leave early overwhelming and often times they do, however if you are out in the middle of nowhere (so to speak) then leaving is not as great of an option because it is much more complicated and will serve as a greater inconvenience.

There are also many other innovative forms of treatment that are currently being studied and researched more such as pet therapy and equine therapy. These may not be options for everyone and to some they may even sound silly, but the idea is to shift the focus on something greater than the substance that is causing the addiction. These treatments and many others are still in the process of being fully developed and are not as mainstream as one might hope, but there is till the goal of one day having many different treatment options and programs for those who need to recover to chose from.


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