Jump Tracks from Advice to Non 12-Step Rehab

Can advice provoke our self-understanding and give us the power to heal ourselves? Well, the advice should come from an outside source. And even though our friends and parents often help us with advice and want only the best for us, there is still nobody that knows us better than we do ourselves. A non 12-step rehab program is not the same, because it does not offer an advice.

To be honest, usually it doesn’t matter who’s the one giving us advice, because it always annoys us anyway. We always seek control of our decision and prefer making a set of our unique beliefs and values. We always want to live our own lives as we picture them. It is our assumption that if someone needs to tell us what has to be done, then something must be wrong with us. If something is wrong with us, then obviously we have to fix it. Non 12-step rehab doesn’t go through that path because shame always feeds addiction.

It is too hard and too painful. I can’t take it anymore. I have to do something to get rid of the stress. Drugs, alcohol, eating, cutting, not eating, buying? Whatever helps us live another day and stay far from the advice. Why would we choose to recover through a scripted program with all the “right answers” waiting and ready for us? Isn’t it exactly the same thing?

Non 12-step drug and alcohol rehab is personalized and it focuses on your natural talents, even though you ignore them yourself. It stands beside you and supports you in your search for the answers. It is not a magical approach that will fit everyone and helps to fight the destructive addiction and it doesn’t pretend to know what’s best for you.

So anyway, what is that non 12-step rehab approach?

• It assumes that your are gifted and brilliant
• It assumes that you tried to do what was possible in order to cope with the past and now you can start living the life you always wanted.
• The idea is supporting that life, the desire to feel really good, balanced and complete.
• It’s based on self-understanding. Non 12-step rehab sees you as a unique person with special strengths and struggles.

Nobody knows you better than yourself when you’re finally ready to understand yourself. By entering the non 12-step rehab program you enter a process that is completely customized and focused on recovery and self-understanding that vary greatly from one person to another.

Elizabeth and Aaron have joined the program of non 12-step rehab with a difference of several days. Both of them entered the non 12-step rehab with the same mix of substance abuse, an excessive buying and an eating disorder. They were surprised to find out that non 12-step rehab wasn’t an easy fixing approach. Throughout the non 12-step rehab sessions, Elizabeth and Aaron were respected and honored in the most effective ways they knew.

Their personal non 12-step programs were somewhat different. When they compared the papers about their treatment goals they found numerous differences because they were different people after all! This motivating non 12-step rehab environment helped them reinstate their enthusiasm and self respect for their lives and taught them to listen to their individual core values. Non 12-step rehab helped them express their pains and fears, their joys and triumphs, and their goals without following a strict list of chronological steps.

Non 12-step rehab is about letting the people live the lives of integrity and true joy. The journey is towards the self discovery, rather than just a sobriety. It is about living a passionate and clear life.



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