Quit Forever Without Meetings and Recovery Programs

Many people are able to admit when they have a problem with an addiction, but there are also many people who do not feel comfortable joining programs or attending meetings to help aid in the recovery process. Be it they are embarrassed about their problem with addiction or they are not able to be a part of a recovery program, for whatever reason, there is still hope! Luckily it is not something that someone recovering from addiction has to do. While attending meetings and joining a recovery program may prove helpful at times, those who do not do these things are still able to quit their addiction forever without ever doing any of that.

Positive changes will need to be implemented to successfully quit forever. It’s only common sense that if you are addicted to something and want to quit your addiction that you should not keep it on hand or in any place where you know how to get to it. Get rid of the problem, that’s a major step in recovery. It’s hard to quit an addiction when the constant reminder of it is nearby. This is sometimes hard for those who live with or are around people who abuse the same substance that they have trouble with, if you cannot avoid being around those people then stay strong to your will to quit because it will be harder, but it is not impossible.

Along with creating an environment where the substance that you are addicted to is not around, it is important to create a new positive daily routine that does not involve the substance or anything that would trigger a craving for it. Everyone is different, but reminders of that substance that you are trying to quit will only make quitting harder, so create a daily routine that is free of the substance and that will implement changes for the better into your lifestyle.

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It is still a great thing, regardless of if you attend a support group or meeting, to have someone to discuss your achievements and problems with. While this is not always a possibility for everyone, there are other things that you can do in place of this. If you cannot talk to someone throughout your recovery then make sure you focus that much more on the positive changes in your life and learning about people who have had success with overcoming an addiction. Learn about those who have faced the same problems that you have and see how they overcame it. It is possible to live a happy and substance free life!

Create a wall between you and the substance abusing life that you had before. Remember the way that the substance affected your life negatively. The problem that some addicts have when quitting is they tend to remember the high or euphoria that the substance gave them, but they don’t always remember how they felt like they had to have the substance and how they could not function properly without it. Focus on the negative things in regard to your addiction; it is never good to depend on anything just to function!

If you keep a positive attitude, implement positive changes into your lifestyle, and distance yourself as much as you can from the substance that you have an addiction to then you are on your way to quitting for good. Keep in mind quitting is a long term commitment and you need to treat it as such, but also keep in mind that it is a very possible thing and that you can do it!


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