Rehab Treatment Home Detox

There’s been approximately a 113% rise in people seeking help between 1998/99 and 2005/06 with structured drug treatment services according to recent studies by the National Drug Treatment Monitoring System. In 2005/06 the report from the Manchester University, National Drug Evidence Centre stated that 181,390 drug misusers looked for help in England but it excluded the prison population. This report is evidence of the need for more drug treatment services within the UK

There’s due to these rising statistics there’s demand for accessible and safe drug and alcohol detoxification alternatives. Co-founder of Detox At Home Ltd Beth Bacchus wants to make these services more affordable. There’s need for medically-supervised detox for drugs and alcohol for clients in their own residences. Bacchus commented that the access to quality detox services can be time-consuming, costly and difficult for clients to access. With family and work commitments it’s difficult to seek treatment programs when they take 4-6 weeks. The home alternative offers an immediate and safe way for those who want to end their substance abuse and then have follow up support services to help.

The bestselling author of ‘Alcohol Home Detoxification & Assessment, Dr David Cooper who’s a home detoxification expert,says that being able to access drug and alcohol treatment programs when they need them greatly enhances the chances of success. When there’s no barrier and access to these programs is made available then the individual can get their life back because they know that the right treatment is there for them when they need it and they have the support network to back it up.

Once an individual has affordable treatment that’s high quality within immediate access they have some clear advantages. When you have specialists in addiction in the home the client can get 24-hour support with a dedicated live-in Clinical Nurse Specialist. There’s nutritional advice,personalized treatment program, and a plan that’s made to fit the needs of the individual. There are fellowship meetings with programs such as NA and AA. With home care the individual isn’t taken away formt heir ethnic, religious, and cultural practices.

This company provides counselors and aftercare support and therapists for the patient after they have gone through their drug or alcohol treatments. The Clinical Nurse Specialists of Detox At Home will work with the patient’s family and other loved ones so they can understand their dependency and addiction.


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