Taking Daily Positive Action

When recovering from any type of addiction is it important to take daily positive action to affirm your goals and provide a daily foundation for the things that you have yet to achieve. Your goals in relation to your personal recovery are what keep you going and it is important to affirm them on a daily basis. While support is essential in the early stages of recovery, daily positive action is important throughout recovery and every other aspect of your life.

Through daily positive action you are able to remind yourself of your goals, where you have came from, and where you are going with your decision to recover from an addiction. Aside from reminding yourself of the goals that you have and of your accomplishments thus far on your path to recovery, you can take positive action on a daily basis that will help create lifelong habits that will not only help you with your addiction but that will help you in other aspects of life.

Deciding to do one positive thing each and every day not only helps create positive reinforcements in your life but it also serves as a distraction from the problems that you may face with recovery. Daily positive action can be anything from a small decision to do something nice for someone else or to act on a decision that you have had for a long time. Perhaps you have had goals for other pars of your life other than addiction, but your addiction has always gotten in the way of your other goals, now is the time to focus on bettering your life not only by recovering from an addiction but creating other positive aspects of your life.

When you put all of your energy and willpower into positively changing your life in every way that you can think possible you will find that other parts of your life that need help are effected positively as well. Addiction recovery is all about bettering your life by creating a positive change by kicking whatever addiction you may have, this also includes creating positive changes in other aspects of your life that have been lacking due to your addiction. You have the choice to make the changes that you need to in your life, and daily positive action helps you make the right choices by working on the parts of your life that need help.

Just think of what you have wanted to do or an area of your life that you feel needs a change and decide what action you need to take to either achieve that goal or change what needs changing, then make that change with daily positive action. It’s all about discovering what needs to be changed or what you want to do next in life and focusing on bettering that. In turn your addiction recovery will become much easier and you will find that your focus is turned more to your daily positive action.


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