Why Sobriety Needs To Be Challenging

Is your sobriety challenging? In all truth it should be, this just means you are doing something right. An issue that many people face when recovering from an addiction is that when things get to a certain point they seem to plateau. This is not good because you are at risk of becoming bored and seeking alternative options for something that may be working for you, or you could relapse and go back to old habits that seemed to make your life more exciting.

Feeling challenged is a good thing! If you feel like things are getting tougher then that is most likely due to the fact that you are doing what you are supposed to and in an effect to take you back to where you started from, your addiction is making you feel as if you have reached a point that you can no longer continue from.

You need to seek growth and focus on your goals. Achievements are a vital part of staying sober; each and every day that you make it without alcohol should be a day for celebration because you have made it one day closer to your ultimate goal. Looking for new opportunities not only opens up new avenues and paths for you in your life’s journey but it also helps keep things interesting.

Take risks, it may not seem like the right time in your recovery process to be taking risks, but it is. The challenges that you are facing will not seem like such a monumental thing when paired with new and exciting experiences. You will not only grow as a person but you will also find that trying new things and discovering what makes you, you, is what this whole process is all about. Before, you were defined by your problems and addiction to alcohol, but this is a time to redefine what you think about yourself and create a new image for what others think when they think of you.

Meet new people and interact with them. It’s not always the easiest thing in the world to meet new people, but if you remain open to the possibility of starting conversations when given the opportunity or even creating opportunity for conversation, then you will find that the challenges that you are facing really aren’t what you should be focusing on. Talking to others is a great way to branch out and possibly find that everyone else faces things that they struggle with and you could even prove to be helpful to them as they may be helpful for you in learning new ways of coping with everyday life and the issues that it presents us all.

If you were able to complete your process of recovery without any obstacles presenting themselves then you probably wont have grown very much as a person. The entire process is a gateway to something larger than itself, you are creating a new life for yourself and if that sounds challenging then that’s because the best things worth achieving in life always are!


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