Teenagers are Troubled Individuals

We all want to show affection and give love to our children. We want to see them have success as they grow up. We dream that they will do better in life then we did. All we want to do is see these dreams for our children become a reality. Along the way we forget about the stumbling blocks we faced as we confronted life that hits you in the face. In today’s world there are more drugs around and the pressure to excel is often too much for teenagers. We put high achievement son our children that they find difficult to live up to.

Some children inherit mental problems from their parents and can’t cope in society. They may have negative thoughts that are outside of the normal accepted habits of society. As they struggle in life they can have even more significant mental problems and counseling might be required to help them. Sometimes tools such as psychiatric drugs are used and therapy can correct chemical imbalances. Many psychiatric aids can help with mental imbalances.

Teenagers got through a difficult stage as the change from childhood into adulthood can be disastrous. Kids are faced with a way of life that they have experience with at all. They can be influenced by peers and parents in both positive and negative ways. If there’s upheaval in the family then the teenager might react negatively. Teenagers can be in chaos of there are bad acts conducted by family members, strangers, or their friends.

The acts of peers have a big influence on teenagers. They may follow the lead of their peer groups and take up drug or alcohol abuse just to be accepted. This can lead to various problems for them such as health issues. Drug and alcohol overdoses have killed teenagers in the past. If they use them for long periods they may have a decline in mental functions and other problems with continued use. The need to continue their habit and this can be felt by the entire family and friends as their lives spin from their control. It’s difficult for teenagers to get out from under these addictions and alcohol and drug recovery programs might not have any positive effects. Even when life threatening conditions face them if they continue the abuse they are often drawn back into the lifestyle.

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Their school work can suffer and often they cease going to school due to the alcohol and drug abuse. They can get juvenile records with law enforcement and this can carry over into their adulthood. When their friends are graduating from high school and going to college the troubled teenager is left to try and cope with abuse and this can disable their ability to function mentally. The need for drugs can overshadow the need to lead a normal life and the drug abuse can become part of their normal life because it’s all they know. The teenager doesn’t see how recovery form their addictions can help them. Tutors or religious intervention is often of no use or little help.

As they mature the problems with drugs and alcohol the teenagers faces can sometimes correct on their own. Teenagers who go through troubles times have emotional and physical changes. They may be left in a negative emotional and physical state which makes it difficult to cope. Today they have more distractions than ever with bad role models, videos, and negative life experiences with alcohol and drugs. Our children need assistance to get through these difficulties and recovery programs and mental health help can benefit them. These programs help improve their condition and give them a new outlook on life.


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