Drug Counseling

Drug and alcohol addiction certainly affects a person’s psychological well-being. House of Recovery Florida drug rehab has invested greatly in providing exceptional care and treatment of the unique psychological issues brought about by addiction. Our professional, experienced team members are experts in addiction and mental health issues. This is part of our commitment to treating the whole person and all aspects of life affected by addiction.

Drug treatment starts with the individual, however the reach of the damage and destruction branches out to the whole family and into the community. It is essential to address every affected individual, and also to have relevant help and direction pertaining to each individual whether female, male, young, old, or even in a family group setting.

Individual and Group Counseling

Most of our psychological services take place in either individual or group counseling. You or your loved one will be involved in both individual and group counseling throughout your stay at House of Recovery. One of our caring therapists or psychologists will work one-on-one with you weekly to address your specific needs. The focus of therapy is initially based on ending drug and alcohol use, and then moves into ways to remain sober. Meanwhile, there will be weekly attendance in group meetings.

Issues faced by each member of the family are unique. While some are good to discuss in general and among peers, other issues need to be focused on in an individual level, in it’s own setting and atmosphere. House of Recovery understands men and women have different ways of coping and thinking about certain details of the same event. Young people need to have recognition that their views and feelings are important and relevant, where sometimes they are overlooked.

In groups, residents will be given the opportunity to meet with each other to share their stories, give and receive feedback, and confront issues dealing with addiction. Groups are a powerful way to gain insight into the beginnings, effects, and consequences of addiction. Support, care, and commitment to the group process are essential keys to gaining healing during this time. Groups can range from specific focuses such as 12-steps, issues for women, issues for men, or issues for youth and the young adult.

Clear Treatment Goals

Throughout the counseling process you and your therapist will develop treatment goals and ways to reach those goals. The counseling process is truly instrumental to the recovery process from addiction. Many of our groups at House of Recovery are also educational in nature, providing skills, tools, and facts to help prevent relapse, overcome obstacles, maintain healthy lifestyles and boundaries, and transition into sober living. Our counseling programs, interventions, and styles are all built upon evidence-based research.

Counseling is part of our commitment and passion to our residents because we understand the value it has in providing the keys to live and addiction-free life. Our specialized addiction therapists are there to walk with you or your loved one towards recovery. You are not alone. Healing is possible. Let us care for your needs and show you the way out of addiction. The road to recovery is here.

 One on One and Family Counseling

Men’s Drug Counseling : House of Recovery focuses on many levels of addiction for the purposes of  helping you or your loved one to start the path of recovery with balance, and effectiveness. Our residents get a program that will put them in the best possible situation for success. We understand the absolute necessity for treating the whole person. Addiction affects not only the addict’s life on the physical, psychological, and social level, but also that of those closest to them. This is why House of Recovery uses multiple intervention programs during the rehabilitation process.

Women’s Drug Counseling : Drug addictions have the tendency to affect women differently than men, and we are sensitive to the needs of our female residents. In many cases, addiction has created a great deal of pain and confusion in every day life. Relationships are usually completely destroyed while struggling with addictions. Issues may emerge within family, occupational, or social settings in the life of an addict.

Youth/Young Adult Drug Counseling :  House of Recovery understands many of the unique challenges facing young adults experiencing drug or alcohol addiction. Our specially designed program is maintained by medical doctors, licensed therapists, and clinical psychologists who specialize in working with youth and giving them the tools to live addiction-free. House of Recovery works with young adults to discover the reasons that led to addiction and help motivate them to choose a healthy lifestyle.

Family Drug Counseling : While drug or alcohol addiction is a very personal issue, it almost always develops problems and confusion within the family system. Whether it is husband, wife, mother, father, daughter, son, or any loved one that is addicted and battling with drugs or alcohol, family members and those closest to the addict may be facing serious wounds, issues, and problems. House of Recovery is not only committed to helping the individual who is addicted but also their family.