Individualized Program for Men

House of Recovery targets multiple levels of addiction in order to help you or your loved one begin the road to recovery in a balanced, effective way. Our residents are set up for success on a physical, psychological, and social level. Our clinical team knows the profound importance of treating the whole person.

Addiction affects not only the addict’s life on the physical, psychological, and social level, but also that of those closest to them. This is why House of Recovery uses multiple intervention programs during the rehabilitation process.

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Detoxification, rehabilitation, and psychological interventions are all designed to give our residents the needed tools to live in sobriety. Addressing biological, psychological, and social triggers that played a large part in you or your loved one’s addiction is what we aim for in our highly developed Florida recovery center program.

By treating addiction at multiple levels, the chances of relapse are significantly reduced as residents become empowered by renewed hope and tools to live addiction-free.

We Meet Specific Challenges Men Face

In our men’s program, House of Recovery offers counseling and educational systems that are designed to meet the specific challenges men may face in moving from addiction into recovery.

These groups are made up of many of our residents. This offers a unique and powerful way to gain insight into addiction, share common experiences, and encourage one another in the recovery process. Our men’s drug counseling program is designed to not only deal with specific issues that arise for men in addiction but also to create a support system of peers who are well-acquainted with each other’s hopes, fears, and struggles.

At House of Recovery, our professional team will work with you or your loved one during the admittance process to develop a customized plan. Our professional staff will consistently and effectively work with our residents to address the areas in their lives that have been rendered in turmoil because of addiction.

Specific groups and educational programs are available at House of Recovery to bring healing to past unresolved issues and provide empowering tools to face life outside of our facility with confidence and ability in new-found sobriety.