Individualized Program for Women

Addiction can affect women in a unique way, and House of Recovery is committing to also meeting those specific needs. In many cases, addiction has created a great deal of pain and confusion in every day life. Relationships can be torn apart or hurt while the battle with addiction continues.

Issues may emerge within family, occupational, or social settings in the life of an addict. Effective Florida rehab centers  will not only treat the addiction at House of Recovery, but we strive to bring healing to many of the psychological and social issues that resulted from the addiction.

Healing Through Group Therapy

Through group drug counseling and educational group meetings, our clinical psychologists and counselors will address concerns over the past, present, and future issues you or your loved one might be experiencing. Female peers also in the rehabilitation program will be in groups creating a supportive and compassionate environment. During these groups, our desire is to help work through the specific needs or issues women have through encouragement, skill-building, and sharing of experiences.

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House of Recovery wants you to know that while every person and story is unique, you or your loved one is never alone in the struggle against addiction. Our women’s program is designed to show just that. Women who have dealt with and struggled with many facets of addiction come together to share, encourage, and strengthen each other.

Hope in Sobriety

There is hope, healing, and an incredible support system available. The education portion of our groups focuses on skill-building and preparing you to tackle challenges through the lens of sobriety. House of Recovery’s women’s groups, as in all of our groups and counseling meetings, are designed to help move its members into a positive direction and onward in the path of recovery.

We know that healing of addiction is enhanced when each of the resident’s needs are met in a specific way. The women’s program at House of Recovery is targeted around issues and needs specific to women, to offer a greater holistic treatment of each resident. Through detoxification, rehabilitation, and our specific counseling programs, House of Recovery is designed to anticipate and meet your every need in order to become addiction-free.