Young Adults 18 and over

House of Recovery understands many of the unique challenges facing young adults experiencing drug or alcohol addiction. Our specially designed program is maintained by medical doctors, licensed therapists, and clinical psychologists who specialize in working with youth and giving them the tools to live addiction-free. House of Recovery works with young adults to discover the reasons that led to addiction and help motivate them to choose a healthy lifestyle.

Discovering Who You Are is Key

Experienced rehab centers in Florida understand that identity is one of the leading factors that work against treating young adults in their addiction. Often, drugs or alcohol have instilled in youth an identity that is masked or built upon addiction. Family factors, age, and lack of consequences may cause young adults to have a difficult time facing the reality of addiction and both its immediate and long-term effects. Our professional drug counseling team specializes in working with youth and young adults to empower them to take control over their lives and identity.

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House of Recovery’s professional staff works with young adults to develop a healthy lifestyle and identity. We work rigorously and passionately to instill skills that will help this age group live full lives, resist relapse, and engage in healthy, appropriate activities for many years to come. Through medical detoxification, rehabilitation, recreational services, and therapy, House of Recovery’s residents are given tools for recovery at physical, psychological, and social levels.

We offer individual, group, and family therapy to address the unique psycho-social issues facing today’s young adults. Our therapeutic and educational programs are founded on evidence-based research proven to be most appropriate and effective for young adult’s battling addiction. Our care and passion is treating drug and alcohol addiction. If you or a loved one is experiencing an addiction problem, please contact us. Let our dedication, professionalism, and care pave the way to recovery.