Top Rated Christian Drug Rehab in Florida

Rise Above with our Faith Based Treatment

Maybe you have been trying to do this on your own for a while, and you can’t seem to get rehabilitation right. Our Christian counselors will help you get to a place where you can see past yourself, where you can have confidence in giving up to something greater than you are.

Our traditional treatment approach super charged with the power of a Jesus Christ centered rehabilitation process will help you find comfort and forgiveness.

You don’t have to be Christian to enter our Christian drug rehabilitation program. All you need is a desire and a willingness to continue, begin, or reestablish a faith that will help to rebuild you from the inside out.

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Finding your faith in treatment will infallibly imbue the morals and ethics of the Christianity in you and you will find yourself stronger against the urges of the drugs.

Among many treatments that are being offered for drug addiction and dual diagnosis, it has been found that Christian drug therapy and treatment has been pivotal in our clients recovery. Our Christ centered approach at drug treatment combined with individual and group sessions, involvement with churches, bible studies and getting connected with Christian rehabilitation and support groups in the area has been extremely effective in producing a lasting lifestyle change.

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We understand that the fight against drug addiction is personal and you need more moral support and compassion.

Addiction is a dark and lonely place.

Christian drug rehab in Florida treats the whole person and mind. Some drug programs in Florida lean heavily on the tradition of 12 step AA programs, but we know that AA and NA are only tools that can aid recovery. At House of Recovery you will get much more than meetings, you will get therapy in a modern style with group discussions and also interventions that have shown 100% recovery success rate.

A typical Christian drug rehab Florida program can offer you a satisfying study session that could range up to five days…

You will learn about numerous stories that are found in the Christian theology that are relevant to your situation. These addiction treatment Florida sessions are supervised by a Christian counselor that will try to indulge every patient under their supervision to share their experiences and feelings when they use drugs.

Christian Morals

Also, in such centers you will receive a constant infusion of Christian morals and ethics that will make you a far happier person than you were before. If you are worried about contemporary therapy and don’t like the integration of Yoga and other techniques that seem far from religion, then you will find these Christian drug rehab Florida programs very effective.

Mental and Substance Abuse Problems

One important aspect of Christian drug rehab Florida centers is that they play a wonderful role in treatment of dual diagnosis. You will receive caring and professional help that will treat both your addiction and your mental illnesses.

If you too have an underlying mental problem that is one of the major factors that are contributing to the urge to drink, maybe a regular Florida alcohol rehab will not fulfill the urge in your soul, then you will learn that Christian drug rehab Florida centers are well equipped to handle your addiction and help you get rid of it.

In those programs you will be given specialized and unique care; the supervisor and the psychologists that will be treating you will know about your condition and will also help you in it during recovery.

Compared to many modern rehab centers you will definitely like what Christian drug rehab Florida centers have to offer. The reasons are many but the main reason is that you will be able to discuss your situation and seek help and treatment more openly compared to traditional rehab centers. You can easily find the Christian based rehab centers on House of Recovery resource. Thank you for trusting us and making us your Florida Christian drug rehabilitation program.