Best Drug Rehab Program in South Florida

Permanent Sobriety!

At House of Recovery drug rehab, we believe that every person has the ability to recover from drug addiction, and stay recovered. You are no exception.

We will help you build the confidence that it takes to say NO to drugs every day, week, month, and year. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you live and what you do for a living, it doesn’t happen over night just because you spend time at a drug rehab center.

Everyone is capable of recovering from drug addiction and you are just one step away from starting the adventure towards a full recovery at one of the most successful drug rehabs.

Who’s on Staff at Our Rehab

We have fully qualified staff who are experienced in providing and administering permanent solutions for your drug addiction.

  1. Physician and Psychiatric Consultant
  2. Clinical and Forensic Psychologist
  3. Therapeutic Counselors
  4. Mental Health Counselor
  5. Wellness Consultant

If you have insurance, you may not have to worry how much our programs are. Call us and we will find out if your insurance will cover your stay at our drug rehab and fly you down if it does.

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At Recovery House  you find out quickly why we are one of the top rated drug treatment centers in South Florida that offers both detox and inpatient drug rehabilitation. Our rehabilitation center will offer you various programs that will fit your lifestyle, spiritual, personality, and unique needs.

Our drug treatment center provides a caring, healthy and compassionate environment for your recovery. We will make sure that you stay clean of drugs long time after with an after care program designed by one of our mental health counselors specifically with you in mind.. Drug rehab programs in Florida are only successful when you stay clean.

“In 2011, an estimated 4.7 million adults aged 18 or older were on probation at some time during the past year.
More than one quarter (28.5 percent) were current illicit drug users”


The detoxification process will help you remove all drugs from your body, be it heroin, meth or marijuana. This process can be very dangerous and even life threatening with withdrawal symptoms. The right detox facility can make that as comfortable for you as possible. After removing the drugs from your body and making sure that you are safe from these substances, the professional doctors will make sure to substitute your crave for drugs with many helpful and harmless activities.

Dual Diagnosis

Dual Diagnosis is a common situation where a client has both a drug addiction and one or more mental disorders, such as bipolar or anxiety disorders, panic attacks or depression. If you think that you might have these symptoms, House of Recovery will help you recover from both the mental condition and the drug addiction by offering you a complex program of rehabilitation.

Prescription Drugs

Pain killers, even though medically prescribed, can be highly addictive and cause dangerous dependency . If you began using pain killers and now suspect that you developed an addiction to them, you shouldn’t let the situation go any further without help and telling someone. Our drug rehab program will help you recover from addiction to prescription pills safely and permanently.


Our opiate program is one of the most successful treatments we offer. Our South Florida drug rehab clients very comfortably come off the drug as it completely leaves their system in our 5-7 day detox. After that they are able to concentrate and focus on the sessions which help them understand the root of the problem. We don’t just treat the symptoms, we treat the disease.


Having restored many back from the physical and mental ailments and destruction of methamphetamine, we have just the right mixture of group and individual therapy sessions mixed with professional psychological evaluation and treatment. Getting away from your environment to a drug rehab can make all the difference in your recovery.


We have great success helping our clients who have cocaine addictions overcome their dependencies. Whether crack, powder, or main lining cocaine, our program is stronger than your addiction as long as you have the will and the desire to get clean.

We understand that you life may look like a dead end right now, but we can assure you that you can return to a happy, healthy life by taking the initiative and contacting for a drug treatment program. House of Recovery is the only South Florida drug rehabilitation program you will ever need!