#1 Rated Florida Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center

If you or a loved one has been struggling with addiction for any time, you know a few days in a Florida detox center, or even a 28 day drug rehab program probably isn’t going to be enough.

Drug rehab centers in Florida are definitely not created equal. You don’t have time to spend another day wondering how this situation is going to change. Whether it’s an inpatient, or outpatient drug rehab in Florida, or some other state, you need to make a choice right now.

House of Recovery is a Florida drug intervention and holistic drug rehab, who has a history of taking tragic stories and turning them into success stories. (We are rated one of the best South Florida rehab centers!)

With one phone call, we can do the same for your story.

What do treatment centers in Florida have to offer

Drug and alcohol treatment centers in Florida can provide an experience like only a few other places in the US can. With the ocean on one side, and the gulf on the other you can really focus on inner healing and peace.

Every one of us has a past life of making bad choices, that has contributed to the current conditions of our health. A quality Florida drug treatment provider will ensure your recovery is life changing, in every aspect.

Outpatient and residential treatment centers in Florida should provide services concentrating on:

  • Overcoming the fear of living sober
  • Discovering healthy replacements for the addiction
  • Real life recovery without a hospital like environment
  • One on One counseling and individual attention
  • Fulfilling a personalized treatment plan
  • Enjoying healthy sober activities

Florida alcohol rehab centers should be committed to your success

Whether you or your loved one has been to multiple alcohol rehab centers in Florida or some other state, or this is your first experience, you need a compassionate but disciplined atmosphere.

If you have ever visited alcohol rehab centers, you can see the devastation of those who waited to long to get help. During visitations and family events, it obvious the strain drug and alcohol can put on families.

At House of Recovery, you are surrounded by experienced, compassionate, and professional people who care about your well being 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. People who have been in your shoes, or are highly educated and able to teach you how to live normal again.

Our alcohol and drug addiction experts have over 55 years combined experience working in drug and alcohol rehabs in Florida! We are 100% committed to helping people just like you, overcome addiction to drugs or alcohol for good.

Staff at our Florida addiction treatment center

  1. Psychiatrist experienced with alcohol and drug addiction
  2. Clinical Psychologist
  3. Addiction Therapists
  4. Experienced Counselors and Behavioral Health Technicians
  5. Wellness Specialist

Hotline for Florida drug rehab centers

Drug addiction treatment will teach you how to build healthy relationships!

You will learn how to have healthy productive sober relationships, starting with our holistic drug and alcohol addiction treatment staff first, your peers, and then your family and then society.

Addiction centers are however only the beginning. You will have to develop the confidence in being self sufficient, without depending on drugs or alcohol, to bring meaning to your life.

House of Recovery, is different than most addiction treatment centers in Florida. Here our goals are to help you reestablish your life, one day at a time, with a holistic personally designed program. Caring and compassionate to your needs, we walk the distance with you, whatever it takes.

We have become known as one of the top rated FL drug rehab centers because we do not give up on our clients. Not all addiction treatment centers in Florida can say that. Even less will do it.

Our step down approach starts with a sunny Florida detox

Detox centers in Florida usually stop there. House of Recovery focuses on 4 levels of treatment for achieving long term sobriety:

  • Detox
  • Partial Hospitalization (PHP) with Housing (Residential Treatment 30 days)
  • Intensive Outpatient (IOP) with Housing (30-60 days or more)
  • After Care

Florida treatment works if you work it

We are connected with the most effective South Florida detox centers. Our detox facilities remove the fear from the withdrawal of physical drug and alcohol dependence.

Alcohol and drug detox is sometimes necessary, depending on the length of time and frequency of use.

It’s important to start off right, in order to ensure a complete and lasting recovery.

You determine how fast you excel through your program. We set the parameters, however you will have to put in the work to advance.

It’s up to you, and always will be.

How can I pay for treatment at one of the best rehab centers in Florida?

Most major insurance covers drug and alcohol treatment.

If you have insurance, we will help position you so it covers all of the costs.

If you do not have insurance, and have the means we also accept self pay.

We have many options to make it affordable, to learn which is the best way for you, give us a call at the number below.

Our substance abuse treatment specialists have expertise dealing with:

  • Cocaine, Opiate (Heroin), Crack, Meth, Heroin
  • Alcohol
  • Prescription Pills
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Addiction
  • Mental Illness 
  • Addictive Personalities
  • Deep Personal Issues
  • Dual Diagnosis

How do the treatment levels work at a long term drug rehab?

It’s up to you whether to keep drinking or whether you recover from it. Living at home and going to programs will never match leaving your environment for a change of scenery at our alcohol rehab Florida.

Understanding that people, places, and things all serve as triggers to your alcohol addiction will help you in your road to sobriety. At House of Recovery treatment center, we offer you a devoted and compassionate service that will help take you figure out what keeps you in the viscous cycle of your addiction so you can overcome it.

Detox: We have access to one of the finest alcohol detox centers in Florida. You can detox  safely and comfortably without feeling frustrated, scared, or lonely. There is life after your drinking and drug problem.

House of Recovery drug rehab is one of the most effective alcohol rehab centers who actually help you live a sober, normal life again. We focus on real life, and rebuilding the areas of your life that have been destroyed by addiction.

Day Night Treatment (PHP): Our partial hospitalization with housing (PHP) program is for those who are ready and serious about long term sobriety at a drug rehab in Florida. Detox only overcomes physical dependency, but our PHP program attacks the mental and emotional dependency.

You will learn where your boundaries are during over 30 –  35 hours of individual and group day therapy sessions each week. You will also enjoy some freedom during attendance of sober community programs during the evening. Drug and alcohol rehab centers are the first phase of transitioning back into the community a sober and clean new you!

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP): Differing from most alcohol rehabs in Florida, our program focuses on reintegrating our clients to find themselves full time employment and even begin educational classes if interested. Reinventing themselves is the goal at this point while maintaining a strict discipline with their treatment schedules at the center.

Developing life-skills, and establishing their place within the community are the steps we encourage our clients to take in this phase.

Our after care program is an essential continuation of our alcohol IOP tract. Maintaining consistent contact with a support group from recovery could be just the thing that keeps a relapse from happening.

We have successfully been helping people get sober from all areas of Florida including: Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, Orlando, Delray Beach, and Boynton Beach.

Having the ocean breeze as a back drop, and the beautiful sunrises and sunsets helps to once again restore gratitude for life.

girl needing Florida alcohol treatment for depression alsoStop Blaming Yourself, Everything and Everyone Else

Don’t blame yourself for becoming addicted to drugs or alcohol and finding yourself in need of help from one a Florida alcohol rehab. Giving up and getting help is respectable.

Maybe one of the only respectable things you’ve done lately. Depression can actually keep you in your addiction.

You have heard the saying there’s no point in crying over spilled milk. Depression will only drive you down the destructive road of addiction faster and more violently.

There is nothing you can do about the past.

Stop accusing yourself, and beating yourself up for the mistakes and bad decisions you made. Even if there are people that you have hurt, and there’s a good chance there are, you have to forgive yourself to start a new life.

We can teach you how and give you the tools to effectively do this in our drug rehab center. If you are interested in a faith based drug or alcohol program please let the counselor you speak with know.

Maybe you started to smoke marijuana, thinking that it was just a fun activity with friends and now you don’t understand how it became an addiction?