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If you’re dealing with addiction, then we want you to know that there is indeed a way to conquer and overcome your addiction.

Florida addiction treatment services

Through the support of our talented and experienced addiction treatment staff, we are going to help you break the chains of addiction and begin living a new life once you enter our rehab center. Many of our staff know exactly what it’s like to battle addiction, because they have been where you are, right now.

Having experienced the exact trials and tribulations that you might be going through helps us to relate and be compassionate to your situation.

drug-rehab-boca-ratonOur drug and alcohol rehab center provides HOPE

You may believe there is no way out of your situation, and you are not alone thinking you might be an addict forever. But there is HOPE! The right Florida drug abuse and alcohol rehab center can help you if you are willing to give yourself a chance.

If you are desperate to get help, and willing to do the work, we can help you find the path to freedom and peace starting today!

Individualized treatment

You are not just a number. It doesn’t matter what your addiction is we won’t judge you. Our therapists are highly trained in all types and levels of drug and alcohol addiction, even dual diagnosis conditions. Our Florida drug and alcohol service staff treat every individual the same way, as we have helped so many others in the past.

What is our secret? It’s simple: our patients are involved in the process of overcoming their addiction in Florida, day by day.

We provide the attention and treatment that you need to safely and comfortably overcome your addiction. Whether you need to start in one of our Florida detox centers to overcome the withdrawal.

If you desire a faith based approach to your recovery, our Florida Christian addiction treatment program will help you get back on track. Build your faith one day at a time. One prayer.

Recovery is about becoming who you were supposed to be

boca-raton-rehabWhile House of Recovery learns everything we can about you, at the end of the day, we want you to come to know and understand yourself. While this seems like a no-brainer, you would be surprised to know that each drug rehab in Florida has it’s own way of applying therapies and treatment.

Some rehab facilities force their patients to abide by rules and regulations that ultimately do nothing to help their patients, while we teach you the importance and benefits of structure.

Our drug rehabilitation center in Florida, you will discover that our compassionate attitude will give you the support necessary to get you firmly on the road to recovery. Thanks to our staff members and their desire to help those who need help, we ensure that you successfully complete your treatment with the capability of living a life worth living.

If you are ready to overcome, we urge you to contact us as soon as possible. While this process will not be easy, we guarantee that we will be there for you every step of the way to ensure that you are able to live a life free of addiction. Our loving yet caring staff at our Florida Raton rehab center will make this possible, so please contact us today, and learn how we can help you start a new life immediately.