A Florida Detox Center That Cares

It’s NEVER a good idea to quit using drugs or alcohol “cold turkey”.

Spending a few days in a detox center may be necessary in order to have a fair chance at recovery. Getting all the toxins out of your body is the first step towards a life free from alcohol.

detox-withdrawal-symptomsAlcohol and Drug Detox to avoid harmful side effects of withdrawal:

  1. Hallucinations
  2. Seizures
  3. Cardiac Arrest
  4. Death

Finding a qualified reputable drug detox center to start this process could be a life or death decision. House of Recovery in Florida implements a 5 – 10 day detoxification program and addresses all the needs and wants of even the most demanding withdrawal symptoms. 

The moment you pick up the phone and speak to one of our admin counselors you will know and feel that you are in a safe place that has your best interests in mind.

You’re not alone….“Among the 15.9 million heavy drinkers aged 12 or older in 2011, 31.3 percent were current illicit drug users.”

call an alcohol detox in Florida box Alcohol and some drug withdrawals can kill

Most people don’t realize how dangerous and painful it can be coming off of alcohol and drugs. The process can even kill you if you don’t do it properly with the right supervision. At House of Recovery alcohol detox you will be supervised 24/7 by a medical doctor who is trained in administering drugs to help avoid withdrawal symptoms while observing your comfort levels at all times.

hor-drug-detoxWhat happens
after our Detox Program

After a successful withdrawal of the drug or alcohol from your body, our detox center will provide mental and social therapies, including valuable information to help you start your recovery. We have a very personal approach towards each patient, providing you with a unique treatment. Moreover, rehabilitation centers and detox centers are supposed to make sure that you stay healthy for the long term, by providing you with excellent aftercare treatment.

You are never alone at House of Recovery

Are you too scared to come to a detox center in Florida by yourself? Rest assured you will not be alone during your visit. You are not alone in your addiction, in fact there is going to be counselors and assistants there to help you that have been through the very process themselves. You won’t be surrounded by doctors, but rather with people who will understand you and support you.

“The belief that alcoholism is in some part genetics has never been proven or disproved” 

If you know an alcohol addict, and you want to help them find an alcohol or  drug detox center program that will help them get sober, you can call us for direction on the best way to approach them.

House of Recovery does not discriminate and all are welcome who need help. Drug rehab centers in Florida may seem a dime a dozen, but we are willing to prove ourselves to you and your loved ones.

Start making good decisions

Making the decision to admit yourself to an alcohol detox treatment program is a big step for any one who has a problem drinking. It’s a HUGE step on the road to recovery when you can admit to yourself that you have a problem.

Most people are not that fortunate, and have to be told either by adverse circumstances, injury, prison, or by a loved one whom they have hurt tremendously and are totally unaware of the damage done.

You can’t do this alone. It’s a good thing that you have actually stumbled upon a reputable detox center who will make sure that your steps towards recovery will be as painless and effective as possible.

call an alcohol detox in Florida box


Do you feel depressed sometimes? Alcohol is actually a depressant, contrary to the way it makes you feel when consuming it.

However, the only way to cure your body and soul is through a comprehensive alcohol and drug detox program that will address the inner being as well as the outer.

If you fear that detoxification process may hurt and be painful, then you can find peace and comfort knowing that the whole purpose of an alcohol or drug detox center is to make it as SAFE and PAIN FREE as possible. We provide our patients with a series of medications during the withdrawal process. That ensure complete removal of all alcohol and drug traces from your body, while monitoring your body’s reactions to the withdrawal and treating them with effective drugs to control them. The doctors in our center will provide you with the safest way to stop your drug or alcohol addiction once and for all.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do. Drug and alcohol addiction shows mercy on nobody…..

Time is running out. You must take action today. Each day that goes by and you tell yourself you’re not ready, is another day closer to the potential dangerous fate that lies in wait. You can make the decision, you are able to overcome this addiction with the right help. You don’t have to continue another minute down the road you are traveling. We have certified Christian based drug treatment options as well.

Stop and make the turn that changes your life for good. House of Recovery, a leading drug and alcohol detox center in Florida, is waiting to get you thru the tough times, and on the path to good times.

We look forward to meeting you and getting you back on the path of living a sober lifestyle.phone number for alcohol detox center in Florida