Boynton Beach Rehabilitation Center

If you are ready to overcome your addiction, the staff at House of Recovery Boynton Beach rehabilitation center, will give you the strength necessary to fight and ultimately defeat it. While it may sound difficult to accomplish, our trained addiction staff will make the process as comfortable and painless as possible.

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation that works

You are not alone! Our drug rehab center has helped hundreds of individuals in similar situations from Boynton Beach. Helping one another to ultimately defeat their addiction and get on the right path to a brighter and healthier future is our mission. The recovery process isn’t easy, and trying it alone, you are setting yourself up for failure if you decide to go “cold turkey”.

You are going to need support, encouragement when you want to give up and give in, and positive reinforcement for every successful step.

Our drug and alcohol rehab utilizes 4 levels of treatment for achieving long term sobriety:

  • Detox
  • Partial Hospitalization (PHP) with Housing (Residential Treatment 30 days)
  • Intensive Outpatient (IOP) with Housing (30-60 days or more)
  • After Care

You are also going to need a well educated and experienced staff that will provide you with the tools and techniques necessary to overcome your addiction and remain sober for the rest of your life.boca raton drug rehab centers phone number box

Learn from our experienced addiction professionals

The talented staff at our Boynton Beach recovery center knows exactly what you are going through, as we help clients deal with alcohol and drug abuse just like you every day. We understand the types of struggles and hardships you are currently facing, but we want you to know through love and compassion, we are going to help you through this difficult time and ultimately, defeat the addiction in your life.

  1. Physician and Psychiatric Doctors
  2. Clinical and Forensic Psychologist
  3. Therapeutic Counselors
  4. Mental Health Counselor
  5. Wellness Consultant

Whatever type of addiction you have, you are going to defeat it.

Additionally, no matter how severe or mild your addiction may be, we will get to the “root” of the matter and discover what the reasoning behind your addiction is (because no one becomes an addict for no reason – there is always an answer behind every addiction problem). Once we help you to discover and address this “root,” there is going to be no stopping you.

We also have a faith based Christian drug and alcohol program if you are interested in learning about the power behind applying the 12 steps in a spiritual and Christ centered way. Just make sure to ask our admin staff about that when you call.

A Boynton Beach Rehabilitation Center That Makes Progress

You are going to be able to make progress once the “root” of your addiction is out of the way. With our trained staff by your side, you will discover what it means to live “soberly” once again, and will also be reminded how beautiful life can actually be.

Just imagine, you are going to be able to think clearly, see clearly, and enjoy the world around you.

After our Florida detox program, there will be no drugs and/or alcohol in your body anymore, as our rehabilitation facility located in Boynton Beach is going to help you to get rid of it once and for all and ultimately, overcome the need to ever use your drug of choice again.

We know how to encourage change

Our staff at House of Recovery knows how to change your life, and we will. Through a program personally designed just for you, we will ensure that you remain as comfortable as possible while making progress day-by-day. Every member of our staff will give you the support you need (and of course, deserve), and that is a guarantee we will keep.

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Contact a representative at our drug and alcohol rehab Florida center, House of Recovery today, and allow us to put you on the correct path to a better future starting immediately.

We know how to ensure that you are not only free of your addiction, but that you do not have any desire to go back to an addiction-fueled life in Boynton Beach. We will be honest: addiction does nothing but hurt your body, your family, your friends, and your life. Life is too short to suffer from addiction, and with every passing day you are living as an addict, that is another day you could be living sober.

We urge you to make the call to our facility today, and allow our Boynton Beach drug recovery facility help you to gain your life back. This is undoubtedly going to be the most important decision of your life, and we mean that with the utmost sincerity. Call today and start enjoying life again: you will be glad you did.