Accepted Payment Types


Don’t let the cost of drug treatment keep you from finally making the most important decision of your life.

Whether this is about you, or someone you care about, we cannot put a price tag on sobriety.

We have a few options for you to help take care of the cost of treatment.

  1. Insurance
  2. Credit Cards
  3. 100% Financing
  4. Private Pay

Although price should not be a deciding factor in the treatment facility you choose, the cost of treatment ranges greatly.

Competitive Price Range for Programs in Florida

Each drug program has it’s own unique features, environment, quality of care providers, pros and cons.

We are very competitive with our pricing and we take most insurance as well.

Please call us to discuss your situation and how we can accommodate you.

We can take a load off of you, and check your insurance for you in less than an hour.

Please call and speak with an admissions adviser
to learn more about our current rates and payment options.

Most facilities do accept insurance and typically, for most people, this is the best route to go.

Paying for drug rehabilitation through your insurance company can help offset a huge part of the cost, and even in some cases totally take care of it.

There are some facilities that do not accept insurance and are premium private specialized facilities for those that can afford it on their own. Just because a facility doesn’t accept insurance does not make it any better than ones that do, it’s only a preference and philosophy.

What if I Don’t Have Insurance

If you do not have insurance and cannot afford to pay for your rehabilitation, then you can try to get insurance right now.

Most major carriers will cover you from within 14 to 30 days. PPO is always the best route with a major provider.

If you have questions about this please give us a call and we can help you.

There are alternate routes via government assistance programs, as well as employer programs that may be available depending on your situation, and economic status. However our Florida rehab centers only accept private pay and private insurance.