Treatment Programs

There isn’t only one way that works for every individual. You are a unique human being, with unique needs. Maybe this comes as a surprise, but we care very much about addressing each individuals personal battle. We want you to know you are not fighting alone, and you have a Florida center for recovery in your corner that believes in you and you recovery.

Even if this isn’t your first time, there is hope. House of Recovery Florida drug rehab programs recognize the need for individualized treatment. What works for one person, may not be enough for the other. And what is enough for one person, the other may require a little more attention. Different levels of interaction is available through the House of Recovery.

PHP with Housing: Partial hospitalization programs are able to give very focused and concentrated support. Medical needs may be addressed through this level of programming.  This level is designed for those who may need more focus on the immediate environment. We remove the distraction of friends, and even family, for a time in order to regain dome sort of normalcy during the initial phases of kicking the habit.

IOP with Housing: Intensive outpatient programming focuses on the need for immediate action and prevention of situations where drug addiction may not have been as destructive yet. Usually this is in order to facilitate the keeping of jobs and encouraging the continuation of normal healthy relationships.

The halfway house sober living program give the resident the best of both worlds, and encourages a focused participation in the recovery community, as well as integration and association with the community from where the resident has come from. This type of recovery process provides stability and oversight, encouragement and support in every aspect of the residents life.