Sober Living

House of Recovery offers a variety of plan options for its residents and those seeking treatment, including inpatient programs, outpatient programs, and sober living.

Sober living through our sober houses offers a structured environment to help you or your loved one maintain sobriety after residential treatment.


  • Those taking part in sober living are in a community with others who have shared similar struggles and victories.
  • Halfway housing provides an excellent avenue for transitioning back into independent living apart from drug or alcohol addiction.
  • The peer support and guidance gained through this experience is truly unparalleled.
  • Life-long friendships and support systems are usually made during an individual’s stay at halfway housing.

Exactly what you need!

House of Recovery believes this is exactly the kind of support necessary to continue an addiction-free lifestyle for years to come.

Sober housing has been shown to be extremely effective in preventing relapse. While recovering addicts are intelligent, independent individuals, this provides a chance to practice and put into use the tools and skills learned during your residential stay.drug rehab in south florida hotline

Temptation and Transitioning

Oftentimes, there is still temptation and familiarity when transitioning out of residential treatment. House of Recovery believes that while you or your loved one has been empowered to live an addiction-free life, halfway housing provides an excellent and proven way to experience sober living with peer support and structure.

living-at-a-sober-house-floridaThrough the entirety of the rehabilitation process, formerly addicted individuals are able to obtain employment, housing, and get their lives back on a healthy track.

Our halfway housing provides the necessary structure to assist a sober lifestyle while simultaneously supporting for resident’s independence. Some guidelines to expect from halfway housing include nightly curfews, the absence of drugs and alcohol, restriction of number of guests allowed, attendance of therapy, and attendance of weekly 12-step groups.

Halfway housing in South Florida is a wonderful experience. With our famous beaches never too far away, those in our halfway housing program have the benefit of living in one of the most beautiful vacation spots in the United States. If you are looking for a healthy environment after your stay at our Christian rehabilitation center, there are many options you will have.

Halfway housing further promotes our belief at House of Recovery that each person should be treated on physical, psychological, and spiritual level, especially since addiction and recovery affect all of those aspects. It offers the opportunity for graduates of residential treatment programs to practice the new skills they received with confidence and continued support.

This transition is not experienced in isolation but with others going through a very similar experience. The House of Recovery welcomes you to our halfway housing program and firmly believes it is an excellent way to promote a smooth transition into sober living. As always, we are here to offer continual support to you and your loved ones. Our clinical team and staff are ready to work with you in deciding the best option to keep you on the recovery track.